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Navya Somya Seth’s fame reveals that she once sought ideas for suicide: I was forced to live, I was pregnant


After the shocking disappearance of Sushant Singh Rajput, many celebrities have spoken about the importance of mental health and have also shared how they have been through difficult times. Navya fame Somya Seth is one of them. The actress in her long post on her social media account shared how she once attempted suicide, but failed.

The actress, whose marriage to Arun Kapoor struggled after the birth of her son Ayden in 2018, shared a three-page note on suicide and how the need to successfully abandon it can be overcome.

Somya suggested in her post that if nothing helps, you should stand in front of the mirror and realize that you are able to get through difficult times on your own.

It also revealed how she once wanted to commit suicide, but was unable to because she was pregnant. She shared that she continued to go to parties, hugging people and laughing, but she felt “unloved and abandoned.”

The actress finally urged people to seek help, if not from others, then themselves. She asked them to “be strong and inspire others to be stronger.” She captioned her post as: “I never imagined I would ever share my personal notes! But I hope this can help someone who wants to hear it.”

Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide has left the entire entertainment fraternity speechless. The actor allegedly died by suicide on Sunday (June 14). He was 34 years old. Several television celebrities, including Hina Khan, Dipika Kakar, flocked to their social media accounts to express their surprise.

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