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Indian High Commission Pakistan: Two missing Indian high commission officials in Pakistan | India News


NEW DELHI: Two officials of the Indian High Commission have been missing in Islamabad, Pakistan, since Monday morning, according to sources.
Officials were out for an official job before disappearing. The Indian government has discussed the matter with Pak authorities.
Tensions have increased between the two countries since India expelled two Pakistani officials accused of espionage.
Following the expulsion of Pakistani officials, Indian diplomats expected reciprocal action from Islamabad. The Indian High Commission is having difficulty resuming normal operations as Indian diplomats and consular officials face relentless and aggressive surveillance and monitoring.
The latest incident comes weeks after India’s chargé d’affaires Gaurav Ahluwalia’s vehicle was chased by a member of the Inter-Intelligence Services (ISI).
A man was seen on a bicycle following Ahluwalia’s car.
In March, the High Commission of India in Pakistan sent a strong note of protest to the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad to protest the continued harassment of its officers and staff by Pakistani agencies.
According to the note, India cited 13 cases of harassment in March and asked Pakistan to stop such incidents and investigate the matter.
India called on the Pakistani authorities to “urgently investigate these incidents and instruct relevant agencies to ensure that similar incidents are not repeated.”
On Friday, India registered a protest in the form of a note verbale to the Pakistani authorities. The government has transmitted to Pakistan that the behavior of its agencies violated the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and also the 1992 bilateral Code of Conduct that the two countries signed to grant immunity to diplomats against hostilities in relations.
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