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Indian High Commission: Pakistan releases Indian officials but claims they had counterfeit currency on them | India News


NEW DELHI: Two officials from the Indian high commission in Islamabad while doing official work on the Indian mission car were “kidnapped” by Pakistani agencies on Monday morning. After being questioned for several hours, reports emerged from Islamabad claiming that the police had arrested them in a traffic accident.
The two non-diplomatic staff members (names withheld) were finally released overnight, but not before the Pakistani authorities claimed to have confiscated Rs 10,000 Pakistani in false currency. Indian authorities denied that the two men carried any counterfeit coins and expressed fear that they would be detained for hours on false charges only to fabricate a case for declaring them persona non grata (PNG). Indian staff also had marks of injury on their bodies, the sources said.
As reported by TOI on Monday, Pakistan’s ISI had subjected Indian officials to aggressive intimidation since May 31 and India had only registered a formal protest on Friday accusing Pakistan of violating the Vienna Convention and the Code of Conduct. 1992 Bilateral for Diplomats.

Indian High Commission: Pakistan releases Indian officials but claims they had counterfeit currency on them | India News

The Indian high commission had the two staff members examined medically at night to determine if they had received any serious injuries during the interrogation that lasted almost 12 hours. Pakistani media reports claimed that the two were ill-treated by a mafia that caught them fleeing the scene of the accident. The government had previously expressed its fear that Indian staff could be detained on false charges and tortured. There were conflicting reports in the Pakistani media about how the accident happened.
Official sources here did not rule out the possibility of Pakistan declaring the two Indian staff members as PNG for carrying counterfeit currency on them. Pakistani agencies have been seeking to enforce reciprocity, as a source said, after India detained two Pakistani officials here on May 31 for espionage and deported them the following day.
The Indian mission quickly addressed the matter with Pakistan’s foreign affairs office in the morning, and later MEA called Pakistan’s charge d’affaires Syed Haider Shah and asked the country to free Indian officials and return their car. . The government also asked him to make sure that Indian officials were not harassed or interrogated.
All Indian personnel in Islamabad, and their counterparts here, are generally covered by diplomatic immunity and are waived only in cases of heinous crimes.
“The Pakistani charge d’affaires was summoned to the Ministry of External Affairs and desisted from the arrest of two officials of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad, as reported in the Pakistani media,” an official source said.
Management also said that responsibility for the security of the diplomatic personnel in question fell squarely on the Pakistani authorities.
“Pakistan was asked to return the two officials along with the official car to the High Commission immediately,” the source said.
As TOI reported on Monday, the Indian high commission led by Chargé d’affaires Gaurav Ahluwalia had struggled to function normally since May 31, as Indian staff faced relentless and aggressive surveillance and monitoring.
Watch Pakistan releases Indian high commission officials, but claims they had counterfeit currency on them

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