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Educators call for cancellation of JEE and NEET


MADURAI: With the increase in Covid-19 cases in Tamil Nadu and India, educators are calling for all Indian level entrance exams like NEET, JEE and CLAT to be removed this year for admission to universities. They propose an alternative assessment to provide seats for students.

“Everyone is distressed during this Covid-19 pandemic and cases are expected to increase in July and August. A test of millions of students across the country would be very impossible to do safely. At least for this year, exams should be discarded for the good of the students, “said Dr. R Murali, secretary of Tamil Nadu, Save Higher Education Movement. He added that students also face mental pressures during this pandemic.

“Deferring until Covid-19 cases decrease is also not an option, as it will only affect the mental health of the students. Instead, students can be admitted based on their test scores in relevant subjects. It will be more appropriate to consider school board test scores than entrance exams, “said another educator, V Jayendran Mani, president of the Tirunelveli Association of Enrollment Schools. He suggested normalizing test scores for the board, noting how in Kerala, admissions to engineering college are made using common entrance exam scores and standardized board exam scores. Normalizing the board scores implies the arithmetic mean and standard deviation, he said In addition, there were also calls to give higher priority to local students for admission to universities.

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