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Uddhav Thackeray: Maharashtra CM agrees at the beginning of the academic year, SOP for the reopening of the school | Mumbai News


MUMBAI: Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray agreed on Monday to start the academic year online and approved the detailed standard operating procedure that schools must follow once physical classes reopen. The CM also agreed to reopen schools in remote areas of cities that are completely free of Covid-19 after taking appropriate precautionary measures.

The decision was made at a video conference meeting between Thackeray and school education minister Varsha Gaikwad and other officials on Monday.

Under the SOP, online instruction will not be allowed for the pre-primary section and classes I and II. However, students can receive educational content on television and radio. The SOP establishes a maximum of one hour of online teaching for classes III to V, two hours for classes VI to VIII and three hours for students in class IX and up.

A school can be reopened in a village, if there has not been a Covid-19 case for at least a month. The indicative reopening for classes IX, X and XII is July, for classes VI to VIII it is August, for classes III to V it is September and classes I to III can reopen after the approval of the school management committees. For class XI, the date will be decided after the announcement of the results of class X.

Upon resuming physical classes, schools will have to operate two shifts or call students on alternate days. Each shift cannot last more than three hours at a time. Schools will have to disinfect their facilities and make efforts to provide food grains until students come to class.

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