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THIS is what Sushant Singh Rajput did in his last hours before hanging himself in his Mumbai apartment

Sushant Singh Rajput’s mysterious death has given rise to several speculative reports that have been circulating on the Internet. A recent report in the Mumbai Mirror revealed the actor’s last moments before he finally made the drastic decision to end his life.

The actor reportedly started his Sunday at 6:30 a.m. They served him a glass of pomegranate juice shortly after waking up. Sushant reportedly made his way to the room. An hour later, when one of his staff members knocked on his door to ask about his lunch, he received no response.

Further elaborating, the report added that home help continued to act intermittently, but there was no response from the actor. His roommate called Sushant’s sister. When she arrived, the people of the house broke into Sushant’s room to find him hanging from the ceiling with a sheet.

The report also revealed that Sushant’s staff, consisting of two cooks and a housekeeper, is being questioned about her untimely death. Police are also speaking to Sushant’s neighbors and family.

His sad and premature disappearance has shocked and saddened the entire nation and its Bollywood counterparts. Condolence messages have been coming in from all sides on social media. One of his cousins ​​reportedly told a news portal that the actor was supposed to get married in November and that they were planning a private wedding in Mumbai.

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