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Exclusive! “He told me how indebted he was to his ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande,” says celebrity stylist Leepakshi Ellawadi, who shared a close bond with Sushant Singh Rajput.


The sad and sudden disappearance of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has rocked the entire nation. While his Bollywood counterparts and fans are still trying to understand the shocking news, we reached out to celebrity stylist Leepakshi Yellawadi, who shared a close bond with the actor.

In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Leepakshi talked about his memories with the actor, when he talked about his ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande and more. Shocked and shocked by the news, Leepakshi said, “I couldn’t believe it was true. It’s too much and I have no idea what went wrong with it.”

Talking about how she knew the actor, she added: “Sushant and I had done some commercials together and that’s when we met. We also did a session with Kendall Jenner. This is when we get together a lot. He was such a passionate guy and we’d end up talking for hours after filming. He narrated his poetry to me and wrote a lot. You could talk to him about anything and he would know. At that time, I wanted to start flying. It was then that I realized that we were actually very simple people. He didn’t feel the need to go and mix with Kendall Jenner. So while most of the crew was socializing, he and I would be sitting and talking about spirituality. He had lost his mother and I have also lost my mother, so we got together a lot because of that. ”

Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande latest updated news

Narrating an incident, she stated, “He asked me if I had seen hers,” M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story. “I told him I was not in the country when it was released and that I am one of those people who loves to watch movies only on the big screen. Then he instantly jumped up and said,” You ghar aaja. ” (Come to my house.) I have this massive projector and you want to see the movie on the big screen and I’m going to show it to you. I went to his house and saw the movie. He was so excited and he told me many curiosities about the movie. It was very Refreshing to know that he was very passionate. He used to talk so much that he used to cut him off and say: up Chup ho ja ab bas (Shut up, now enough.) It wasn’t like we were friends for a long time, but I had an instant comfort level with the “.

“He kept in touch with me for years. I used to ask him if he was attending this event or that event to help him with his looks and everything. I would shy away from going to many events. I used to find it useless and we used to laugh at that, “he added.

Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande latest updated news

It also revealed that the actor was not someone who had many friends in the industry. “I can’t imagine a person like him reaching a point where he feels worthless. We all feel welcome and warm in the industry, but there is a dark side. Most of us don’t have real friends. There are very few people who will tell you and guide you. As far as I know, he had friends who were from a simple background and were not the people from the movies. He told me that most of his friends are from his school and university, but that Thodi Bahut has a friendship yahan bhi karni padti hai.

Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande latest updated news

Leepakshi stated that he admired Sushant for the person he was. To demonstrate his statement, he said: “When we were talking, he told me how indebted he was to his ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande. According to him, she was very supportive when they were on television and during their days of struggle. He became a great star. This is a real quality for someone to look back on and even if you are not with that person, appreciate what they have done for you. Even though their relationship turned sour, he had only good things to say about her. I was very fond of him. When I heard the news, I was incredulous and trembling. He had many more stories to tell me. We all take care. Suddenly, he decided it was okay, that I’m going to go. ”

Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande latest updated news

When asked if he was in contact with him and when was the last time he spoke to him, he said: “I spoke to him for the last time two and a half or three months ago. I would not say that I am one of his closest friends or something like that. He was someone he had a lot to talk about. He never spoke about what bothered him. He never seemed depressed. He had a very limited circle and kept it to himself. He didn’t mix too much in the industry and at parties. But I imagine he must be under so much pressure because there is constant judgment regarding his movies and personal lives. It is high time we paid attention to our mental health. People could never say that this guy could do something like this. ”

“It is a shame that it happened and I am deeply shocked. I just know that Sushant was more than just an actor, “he concluded.

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