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Shweta Tiwari’s husband, Abhinav Kohli, shares his daughter Palak’s former position where she accused him of domestic violence; asks “Lovu why did you erase it”?


Qayamat Ki Raat Hai actor Abhinav Kohli has suddenly caught everyone’s eye as he has been posting information about his troubled life as married to Shweta Tiwari on social media. Abhinav has now shared the screenshots of Shweta and her daughter Palak’s old post where the latter accused him of domestic violence.

In her post, she asks Palak, whom they affectionately call ‘Lovu’, why she shared that post.

Palak had shared the post last year in August 2019, where he revealed his side of the story. Last year, when some media reports stated that Shweta had filed a case against Abhinav for touching her daughter inappropriately and for domestic violence, Palak had shared this post where she shared that it was not her mother, but she who was the victim of domestic violence. abuse. However, he later removed it.

Now Abhinav has asked Palak why he deleted them.

Recently, Abhinav, while talking to a portal, Abhinav claimed that he and Shweta are back and that they remain together, but the latter indirectly denied it.

Since then, Abhinav has been sharing posts on social media to demonstrate that they really are in contact with each other and even have a discussion between husband and wife. He even shared exclusively with us that Shweta has never filed any domestic violence cases against him.

“I fully agree with what I said. August 11, 2019 Ko Joh hua tha woh Shweta ne nahi case file files kiya tha and has not filed any complaint against me either. So, whatever our complaint, DCP from our area has made a video and is on the internet, “he said.

When he probed further and informed him that Shweta had indirectly denied his reconciliation comment in the media, the actor said, “Okay, but I don’t want to comment. I am reading the articles that are coming out, but I will clarify everything in my posts. Any Let there be doubts and what Shweta says, I will erase everything on social networks. I do not want to talk about anything. You see the latest post on my Instagram and everything will be clarified. ”

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