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seema vineeth: Exclusive! I will not defend my son at all costs; I have filed a complaint to investigate the truth: actress Maala Parvathi | Malayalam Movie News


Seema Vineeth, a trans makeup artist from Trivandrum, Kerala, posted a post on June 9 at 11:09 a.m. claiming that the son of a popular Malayalam actress (who is a feminist and activist) had sent her nudes. The next day, at 12:52 p.m., Seema launched into Facebook claiming that she received sexually explicit messages from the actress’s son, yet did not name her. “I’ve been getting abusive messages from the person from 2017, which I noticed recently. After seeing my post, the actress called me and apologized for the same thing. And he added that she will try to correct her son. He also said he is with me if I am legally moving forward. Will the actress try to commit if the same thing happens to her? And I’ve never mentioned the actress’ name, “Seema said in the live video. A few hours later, the makeup artist revealed the identity of the person who had sent her messages of sexual abuse and also revealed that she was the son of the popular actress. Maala Parvathi.

A few hours later, Maala Parvathi took her Facebook name and said that all the controversial allegations against her son had come to her attention and that she had already called Seema and had apologized, both as a woman and a mother, and had advised her to take legal action on the same. Parvathi also mentioned that she had spoken to one of Seema’s friends and had discovered that a compromise could only be reached if they were willing to give compensation.

We caught up on both sides and, in an exclusive interview for ETimes, actress Maala Parvathi and makeup artist Seema Vineeth shared their side of the story.

“A day before yesterday, I was reviewing some of the unread messages that I received on Facebook. Since I’m a makeup artist, I receive customer inquiries and therefore check unread messages from time to time. And then I realized that Anantha Krishnan had sent me sexually explicit messages and nude photos, which outrages a woman’s modesty and also questions my gender. I soon blocked the person and took screenshots of the person. The messages dated back years, and he had been sending the same thing in recent years. I guess he’s not my friend on Facebook, but he could be following my profile. Initially, I didn’t want to mention the name of Anantha Krishnan or her mother, actress Maala Parvathi, in the note I posted on Facebook. But then I thought he was the son of a popular Malayalam actress, who has always fought for women and voiced her opinion against abuse of women. After a couple of hours, Maala Parvathi called me on the phone. He apologized for his son’s act and said that his son had confessed, that he was guilty of the same thing and that it was a mistake. I have voice recordings of the same thing, ”Seema revealed.

He added further: “But yesterday, he posted a post saying he had asked for compensation. That is strange. That is close to putting a price on my individuality and modesty. I have never asked for monetary benefits or compensation. Let them bring proof of the same if I have asked them directly or indirectly. I feel like the whole incident is being politicized here. This is something that questions my personality. So I decided to reveal the name. There were some similar incidents before, and I have talked about the same thing. But this is being politicizing, maybe because the person is the son of a popular actor? I didn’t mention the names until Maala Parvathi called me and published that post. I want justice Why should a mother call me for the atrocious act her son did? Why did the person himself not apologize? I have spoken to my attorney. ” He also added that he recently received a message from Anantha Krishnan apologizing as well.

We speak to actress Maala Parvathi and she emphasizes that she will not defend her son, nor does she have any intention of hurting Seema, but she wants to know the truth and has therefore filed a police complaint to investigate the matter.

“My son has admitted that he has had a conversation with the makeup artist. But he said it was “mutual” and “consensual”. The truth has to be revealed and therefore I have registered a complaint and submitted my son’s mobile phone. In addition, we were struck by the fact that he had removed a photo that he had attached to his previous publication, in which he had named me and my son. There was a photo where Seema had given a thumbs up emoji to my son’s message. But I do not plan to harass her in any way and therefore have not posted her online. I am with her and I will not support my son. My son said that they know each other and that their conversations were purely consensual, ”said Maala Parvathi.

Maala Parvathi also added that Seema revealed their identities even before the actress posted anything on Facebook mentioning about the compensation. “You can check the moment I reacted and post the whole problem on Facebook. I put up a post on Facebook only after seeing Seema’s post, where he shared the screenshots of my son’s messages and our identities. Seema had taken names even before reacting and I mentioned the compensation. Furthermore, I did not claim that Seema had requested compensation. I said that I have heard such discussions. I have spoken to another makeup artist. I mentioned the compensation part because I heard the same thing in an audio clip, which she sent. The audio says that they have discussed the entire issue on their social media group, and there have been discussions about compensation. There are contradictions in the whole thing. I am not trying to hide the problem, at any cost. I am not going to defend my son, I have filed a complaint to investigate the truth. What else could i do

“Even now they are trying to negotiate on how to solve the whole problem. I’m not in that. I can never fall for negotiation or blackmail. We are moving legally. If my son has committed the crime and is proven guilty, let him face the consequences. I am with her in every way. Whatever it is, if I was hurt, I understand the trauma. Even if my son has said that the entire conversation was consensual, I am not supporting it. Let’s move legally, ”concluded Maala Parvathi.

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