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People take their fitness seriously during the COVID-19 pandemic, and fitness products are the new essentials

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent blockade in most nations of the world have significantly altered lifestyles. As people were confined to their homes, what was once considered normal came to the background, transforming the way we live, work, shop, study, and interact with each other, at least for now. Little by little we got into a “new normal” and realized that simple things like taking a walk to the neighborhood park or enjoying a meal with friends were once taken for granted. The onset of the pandemic has completely transformed things and staying fit and active has never been more important. It is scientifically proven that being active and playing sports generates stronger immunity, which is the need of the hour at a time like this, and also helps you to be more optimistic and confident. The pandemic fundamentally altered the way people view sports and fitness.

Home workouts are the new normal

Gyms and fitness centers were one of the first public places in India to shut down the shutter to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Other alternatives like parks, playgrounds, stadiums were also closed and people lost the opportunity to go for a walk or ride a bike. With treadmills and weights gathering dust, India rushed to find substitutes for going to the gym for daily exercise. This new habit is, in fact, a pleasant surprise considering that a large number of people who now religiously follow an exercise routine at home were not exercising regularly prior to the COVID-19-induced blockade. Being at home or not having the ability to play sports or go to the gym does not mean that you cannot stay active. Since the start of the blockade, many members of the Decathlon community, including teammates and volunteer sports ambassadors, have joined online through their #playitsafe campaign, which offers virtual trainings ranging from indoor running, strength and conditioning to specific workouts and yoga sessions. Together, #playitsafe fitness’s activities and challenges have reached a reach of 2.5 million, clearly indicating how fitness attitudes are changing.

This is the reason why many people are focusing on buying indoor sports equipment to strengthen their home gyms and become their healthier versions. Virtual workouts are also gaining popularity. For example, over the past two months, registrations for digital training sessions for zumba, yoga, pilates, aerobics, and various strength and fitness training programs peaked like never before.
Decathlon Fitness Blog We saw an almost double increase in users and a large number of people attended the virtual training sessions provided by their community.

Invest in fitness

In terms of selling physical activity-related products, sales of yoga mats and weights increased, and bike sales doubled since the relaxation of the close compared to the months prior to COVID at sporting goods retailer Decathlon. . Decathlon also experienced an increase in online bike sales that doubled, specifically for the road bike sports segment after the blocking restrictions were lifted. Physical training equipment such as cross-trainers and ellipticals (self-powered) recorded 200% with training accessories such as resistance bands, and grew more than 2000% in May alone. There was also a significant increase in people who purchased yoga mats than before, with volumes increasing by 35%. With the reopening of select decathlon stores, cycling, cardio, yoga, and athletics products were among the top ten categories purchased for customers looking to beef up their home exercise gear. This included Decathlon products for cross training, weight training, and running and exercise shoes.

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The increase in sales of these products indicates how fitness has seen the reset button after the coronavirus crisis and how family members motivate each other by trying to keep fit. Even parents have shown considerable effort to ensure that children are active during this period, and many of them invest in home exercise and play equipment for their children. With this, the “work and play” balance that saw a critical imbalance before the pandemic is finally restored.

Health, fitness and play equipment: essential elements during a pandemic

The World Health Organization stresses the importance of physical activity and relaxation techniques as valuable tools for maintaining calm and health during the coronavirus pandemic or otherwise. During a stressful period like this, when people stay home to limit virus transmission, a sedentary lifestyle can have negative effects on people’s physical health, mental well-being, and quality of life. Daily headlines about the severity of the coronavirus crisis are further exacerbating stress and anxiety in many people. That is why it is important to spend time in sports and fitness and stay active. Regular moderate-intensity workouts are also considered a major factor in building immunity, with several reports suggesting that people who are physically active are more immune to upper respiratory tract infections than those who are not. Focused physical exercise also increases the production and release of serotonin, a mood-regulating hormone, which can make us aware and keep depression at bay. This highlights the importance of having access to fitness products and equipment during a pandemic.

Even when India enters Unlock 1.0, where economic activities slowly resume and people return to work in relatively safer areas, gyms and other fitness centers are unlikely to open soon. This means that home workouts will continue to be the best way to stay healthy and active. Playing a sport or following an exercise routine is not only something we should do in our free time, but more than ever, it must be ingrained in our daily life. It is encouraging to see dozens of enthusiastic sports and fitness enthusiasts returning to Decathlon stores guided by this belief. This is a telltale sign that sports and fitness products are the new essentials that everyone needs easy and continuous access to at a time like this.

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