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Works on the Polavaram project gain momentum as migrants return | Amaravati News

Works on the Polavaram project gain momentum as migrants return | Amaravati News

Migrant workers return to work at the Polavaram project site.

AMARAVATI: In a significant development for Andhra Pradesh, migrant workers from Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha, who went to native places in recent weeks, began to return to Polavaram project site helping the state government to put the project on the fast track.
Poghavaram Project Contractor Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) has established a special bond with workers by addressing all their needs during the Covid-19 crisis hour, leading them to return to the workplace a few weeks after leaving the place. site, said the chief engineer of the irrigation department (Polavaram project) Sudhakar Babu. MEIL arranged special trains and buses to bring workers back to the site. The project works at an accelerated rate thanks to the return of the workers.
“The challenges posed by Corona, the construction works for the world’s largest landfill, have gained momentum. In addition to the works related to the spill channel, the approach channel, the pilot channel, the earth rock fill dam and the works of 1, 2, 3 spaces and continue in a fast-track mode. We are confident that the project will be completed on time, ”said MEIL General Manager Sathish Angara.
The world’s most massive landfill for this project is being constructed to facilitate a 50 lakh Cusecs flood water flow. Currently, the world’s largest landfill belongs to the Chinese Three Gorges project that has a capacity of 47 lakh Cusecs.
A large amount of flood water stagnated both at the front and rear of the reservoir construction site when MEIL began construction in November 2019. It took a long time to lift almost 4 tmc of stagnant flood water from the site. building. Generally, the period from March to May is the peak season for irrigation project works. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the Polavaram project It had also experienced some bottlenecks when the labor returned to their native villages, Satish said.
Around 2000 migrant workers who worked for the Polavaram Project returned to their native states such as Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa, forcing the company to continue working with the scarce available manpower. He said that Covid-19 had its effect not only on labor, but also affected the supply of steel, cement and other raw materials. As the entire logistics system stopped during April and May, it resulted in various obstacles to the project works. He said they have organized a birthing medical camp in association with the district health department, and all the required tests are done regularly at this camp. The workforce received nutritious food to boost immunity and were given special incentives to work during the Corona crisis. “Despite all the challenges, the highest work was done in May since the project restarted. Almost 1,21,647 CuM of Spillway related work and 79378 CuM of Spill Channel work completed, ”Satish told TOI.

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