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G-7 Invitation to Russia, India Targets China: Russia | India News

While Russia sees itself as an “honest broker” for dialogue and the peaceful resolution of international disputes, Moscow will not interfere in the Sino-Indian military confrontation, as it is a bilateral dispute, said the top Russian MP and chief. of the Federation Council (upper house of Parliament) Konstantin Kosachev international affairs committee.
The Russian legislator also said that Moscow was not enthusiastic about the invitation of US President Donald Trump to 4 countries, including Russia and India, for the G-7, since he did not want to join any bloc or alliance against China.
Outlining Russia’s position on the LAC situation, Kosachev told Indian journalists that Russia respected the sovereignty of India and China. He described Russia’s own ties to China as “in the best possible way” due to the West’s “campaign against Russia”.
On the day that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had discussed the border situation with President Donald Trump last week, Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla also briefed Russian Ambassador Nikolay Kudashev on the matter at a “working meeting.” India remains against any form of mediation and had previously rejected a Trump offer to mediate.
“Russia should not interfere in this type of dispute, but in general … when necessary … in another situation … our mission is to be an honest agent to contribute to a dialogue and work for a solution that does not involve force “said Kosachev, adding
However, at Trump’s G7 invitation, India and Russia have divergent views. While India was quick to accept the invitation, extended to Modi by the US President. In the US, Russia continued to pose questions saying it was meant to isolate China.
In a video conference with Indian journalists, Kosachev said there was no opportunity for the 4 invited countries, Russia, India, South Korea and Australia, to influence the outcome or the decisions of the summit. Countries like Canada and the United Kingdom have also strongly opposed Trump’s proposal for Russia’s return to the G-7.
“There are many countries that are influential and strong and that can participate in the discussions. China is a clear example. I suspect that choosing India and Russia and not inviting China focuses on the second part, not inviting China,” he said.
“Trump wants to bring several countries together for some form of joint opposition to China … that is the current strategy of the Americans. I am absolutely against the construction of any block or coalition directed against a third country,” he added.
Kosachev said that Trump had no mandate to expand the G-7 in any case and that he only represented one country that was to host the next summit.
“It is free to invite any country, but it will continue to be the summit of 7 countries. This is what raises questions. In this format, none of the 4 invited countries will be able to participate in the preparatory work. There will be resolutions and documents, and they will do so. the same seven countries, “he said.

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