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For the toast loaf: Harvest Gold is the bread you can ‘crust’


If we ask you to name a food that is versatile enough to complete every breakfast, every midnight snack, and every moment of inactivity, what will come to mind first? If you are not thinking about the goodness of freshly baked and stuffed bread, you are on the wrong track. Bread is essential for everything: for beach outings, road trips, and out-of-town getaways. When we want to fill our bellies in a jiffy or just when we long for strikes, we often look for one or two slices of bread.

Recognizing our generous love for their bread, Harvest Gold, one of the country’s most popular bakeries, took care to ensure that our favorite loaf of bread reaches us even during closing. They also provided a secure supply, without question. In the current scenario of a pandemic and national closure, additional measures and safety precautions are being taken for those who cannot work from home and must be physically present in the Harvest Gold Bread Manufacturing units.

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All of your team members are dedicated to practicing physical distancing at all Harvest Gold Plants and all workers are being informed about myths, facts, and also about the safety and precautions of Covid 19. Each associate’s body temperature is scanned with infrared thermometers at the entrance. and exit doors. All truck drivers, whether they are suppliers of raw materials or bread delivery vehicles on board, are also being examined. Regular visits to the doctor have been introduced in all plants for general check-ups of all its members. The brand has established isolation rooms as an added precaution should the need arise. Disinfection of premises, boxes, raw material trucks, delivery vehicles and personnel buses is carried out regularly in all factories.

The mandatory hygiene and safety measures followed at Harvest Gold plants are:

  • Provide knowledge to associates about COVID-19; clearing doubts and rumors.
  • Maintain physical distance.
  • Keeping clean.
  • Complete sanitation of premises, boxes and vehicles.
  • Checking the body temperature of all colleagues at entry and exit points.
  • Willingness to wash hands with soap and hand disinfection with IPA.
  • Wearing a head mask and a face mask is mandatory at all times.
  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask and a face mask in warehouses and sales markets.
  • Regular availability of doctors for general check-ups.

Here’s a look inside the Harvest Gold plant, where food safety and hygiene are paramount.

This is not a new practice for the brand and hygiene has always been sacrosanct under the quality policy in all its manufacturing plants. In fact, to ensure all bread lovers, Harvest Gold has launched its new “Heat Seal and Clip” double protection packaging for increased hygiene, protection and safety. The top of the bread pack has a tamper proof heat seal that is designed in such a way that once opened, it cannot be resealed. So all you need to do is check the seal while you buy the bread; It must be intact. Along with the introduction of a heat seal, the tape has been replaced by a plastic clip that makes it easy to open and restore for future use.


With so many things in the world, there are many things to worry about. All thanks to smart brands like Harvest Gold, getting fresh bread isn’t one of them! In fact, when the first shutdown went into effect, it became more difficult and challenging for people with limited access, such as the elderly. They needed assistance, care and support. When a certain lady from Meerut, completely helpless and unable to go out to get a package of bread, decided to contact Harvest Gold, the local sales team sprang into action and immediately delivered home the products she needed. Since then, Harvest Gold has been committed to delivering bread and rolls to older customers who cannot venture out or seek help. Everyone has delivered on the promise of ANY NASHTA MOMENT for everyone.

This passion for excellence has helped him set industry standards in bakery, packaging, and even marketing. In 2017, Harvest Gold brought in the global bakery leader Grupo Bimbo, a $ 15 billion multinational. This joint venture brought Grupo Bimbo’s experience and expertise to the Harvest Gold kitchen and took the brand’s quality product heritage to new heights.

Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of Harvest Gold by the Times Internet Spotlight team.

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