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This heartwarming video starring Seema and Manoj Pahwa is their answer to how you can safely paint your house


People want a beautiful house, one with great-looking walls, all the more so today when they spend most of their time indoors. Old walls with faded colors do not help improve mood in these uncertain times. To ease apprehensions regarding painting their homes right now, Asian Paints has introduced a Safe Painting Service.

To build trust among several clients who have paint in mind but have been sitting during this period, the leading paint company has released a sweet brand film of the life of a couple, who is always spying on what their neighbors are doing . ! In the role of the couple are the star actors Seema and Manoj Pahwa. This is a cheesy version of some people’s old habit of always wanting to be aware of what’s going on in their neighbors’ lives. And we couldn’t resist a giggle!

The TVC shows the security levels of the new Safe Painting service. It employs fruitful protective gear aided by mechanized tools, with a finishing touch of Royale Health Shield paint that adds another layer of hygiene and protects the walls. With services like color consultation, mechanized painting, and kid-safe paint, this safe and sanitary home paint solution is sure to make your neighbors talk.

As the Covid-19 threat looms, Asian Paints communicates a key message in a lighthearted manner. People have hesitated to re-make their homes and invite others to come in. But this film clearly shows the initiative Asian Paints has taken to ensure that people enjoy their homes the way they want while they are happy.

Sukesh Nayak, Creative Director of Ogilvy India, says: “This campaign is based on the idea of ​​how we are always curious to know what happens in our neighbor’s house. Based on this, he tells a funny story to reassure not only the homeowner but also your nosy neighbor about our safe painting services. ”

The new Safe Painting Service covers the site management in a safe way. They ensure that painting will begin and end in accordance with the new safety guidelines, maintaining hygiene and sanitation measures. Painters will be armed with overalls, masks, gloves, safety glasses, disinfectants, etc. The site will be disinfected at regular intervals and painters’ health checks will also be carried out throughout the process. The rules of social distancing will also be maintained. With such a promise in hand, all fence keepers will surely take that step!

Disclaimer: This article has been published on behalf of Asian Paints by Times Internet Spotlight team.

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