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LG Anil Baijal cancels Kejriwal order of Delhi resident hospitals | India News


NEW DELHI: Lieutenant Governor of Delhi on Sunday overturned Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s order that hospitals in the national capital will only be available to residents of the city for the treatment of Covid-19.
Baijal is the President of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA).
Following LG’s new order, a dismayed Kejriwal said it will create a challenge for his administration.
“The LG Sahib order has created a great problem and challenge for the people of Delhi. Providing treatment to people who come from all over the country during the coronavirus pandemic is a great challenge. We will try to provide treatment to everyone,” said Kejriwal.
His deputy was also not satisfied with LG’s decision.
“The Delhi government had made the decision after exhaustive deliberations so that the people of Delhi could obtain beds and treatment if cases increased in the future. The CM had planned how many beds would be needed for how many cases and how they would be organized,” he said. Delhi MP CM Manish Sisiodia.
Yesterday, Kejriwal had said that the hospitals run by the Center will not have that restriction, and if people from other states come to the national capital for specific surgeries, they can receive medical treatment in private hospitals.
A five-member panel made up of the AAP government had suggested that the city’s health infrastructure should be used only to treat the people of Delhi in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

Delhi government hospitals have around 10,000 beds, while the hospitals run by the Center have almost the same number of beds, he said, adding that it will strike a balance and also protect the interests of those belonging to the national capital and other states.
The LG also reversed the Kejriwal government order to stop testing for asymptomatic contacts of coronavirus positive patients.
The LG said it will follow the ICMR strategy that prescribes tests for nine categories, including direct, high-risk, asymptomatic contacts of the confirmed case once every 5-10 days of contact.
The number of coronavirus cases in the national capital rose to 28,936 with 1,282 new infections, while the death toll rose to 812 on Sunday.
Watch Covid-19: Delhi LG Anil Baijal overturns Arvind Kejriwal’s decision, orders Delhi government hospitals to treat all patients

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