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India China News: Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh speak hard, say India will not bow to China’s muscle flex | India News


NEW DELHI: Amid a tense standoff with China, two members of the Security Cabinet Committee (CCS), Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Interior Minister Amit Shah, said Monday that India will not give in to muscle flexion. from China to get more land in Ladakh sector.
Singh and Shah, while on their way to virtual BJP worker meetings in the two-hour interval, said India will not compromise on anyone at the expense of their national interest and national pride.
Shah also gave a combative tone by saying that India, like the United States and Israel, has the ability to carry out pre-emptive strikes to defend its territory by recalling India’s attacks within Pak Territory in retaliation against terrorist attacks on Uri and Pulwama.
“We have also seen terrorist attacks as it used to be before, but Prime Minister Modi was not silent like the previous ones. He responded with airstrikes and surgical attacks by entering Pakistan and teaching them a lesson. This showed the world that India would not bear the invasion of its borders, “Shah said as he addressed the Odisha party workers.
Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, on the other hand, stated that any attempt to harm the dignity and sovereignty of the country will not be tolerable, since India never intends to do it with other countries.
In a virtual rally addressed to the Maharashtra audience as part of the party’s “Jan Saamvad” rally at the end of a year of Modi 2.0, Singh said: “India’s dialogue with China continues at the military and diplomatic level. There was a Dialogue to military level on June 6, which was very positive and both countries agreed to continue talks to resolve the ongoing fight. ”
The Defense Minister further said: “We do not harm the dignity and self-respect of any country and we do not even tolerate any offer of this kind towards their own country. I want to assure people that the country’s leadership is in strong hands.”
The Defense Minister spoke about the ongoing border clash when referring to ongoing consultations by congressional leaders about the reported tension on the India-China border, as top opposition party leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, have expressed their opinion and demand that the government make a formal statement. on the subject and raise awareness in the country about what is happening on the border.
“Some congressional leaders repeatedly ask what is happening on the border. I want to assure the people of the country that I will give detailed information on the subject in Parliament, since we have nothing to hide from the people, “Singh said, making it clear that the government is ready to answer questions from the opposition as Monsoon The parliament session, the dates of which have not yet been formally announced, will witness exchanges over tension on the India-China border.
Singh recited a “punished” couplet from Mirza Ghalib to investigate congressional leader Rahul Gandhi, who also punished Ghalib’s poem for attacking the government and Shah over the border issue.
“Hanth mein dard ho to dawa kije,” hanth hola med dard ho to kya kije, “Singh recited, implying that if there is pain in the hand, seek medical treatment, but what to do when there is a problem with the hand ( Congress symbol) itself.
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