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Ice cream: the perfect way to share happiness


Can you guess the most underrated “summer thing” that every Indian enjoys the most? Are you swallowing a bottle of cold water directly from the refrigerator or keeping the temperature of the air conditioner to a minimum by turning the room into a cold area, or perhaps digging into the goodness of ice cream! Yes, ice cream certainly wins! Mango, Vanilla, Strawberry, or Old Chocolate – Whatever your favorite flavor, a delicious bowl of ice cream is even more decadent during these sweltering summer months. From grandparents to grandchildren, everyone has their sweet adventure with ice cream. And sharing this ice cream with your loved ones is part of a ritual without which summers would feel almost incomplete. You do not agree

With the pandemic on one end and the dazzling summer heat on the other, it’s important to stay calm while staying safe indoors, and ice cream really helps. Thanks to social networks, we can see how ice cream is helping our favorite celebrities to stay calm in the running of the bulls. Recently, comedian Sunil Grover on Instagram posted a video doing what he does best: comedy. As everyone stays, her latest sketch brings laughter when it’s needed most. In the video, he introduced us to his new character Ratnagiri, who is sipping a bowl of ice cream!

And, punjabi singing sensation Sukhbir Singh shared a video on social media that he’s learning a Rumba rhythm on guitar. Spreading joy in difficult times, Sukhbir’s advice to everyone is #StayKoolStaySafe with music and ice cream.

With the lock in effect, there is no denying the fact that our daily schedule has been affected. We all need to have some order in our daily lives and to have a schedule. On this front, actor Nupur Sanon posted a video where he talks about the things that help her calm down, which includes writing poetry, doing yoga, and most importantly having a bowl of ice cream.

And actor Shefali Jariwala pointed out something really underrated. Those of us who are with his family should count the blessings. While Shefali is with her family, the way she stays cool is by swallowing mango ice cream and sharing the joy with her dog, Simba.

With the forced closure, everything is stopped and that ball of delicious ice cream can transport you to another world, even for a moment. With that said, IICMA (Indian Ice Cream Makers Association) felt the need for essential workers, like doctors, nurses, police officers, municipal workers and many other unrecognized heroes, to work in hot conditions extreme, they deserve a lot. I needed a break to enjoy the ice cream treat! Just as ice cream is essential to every soul, our front-line workers deserve to have this medal of joy. So, during the shutdown, the Association received ice cream delivered to essential workers on all possible fronts. The smiles on their faces were priceless. IICMA captured the moment in a poignant video that is gaining consistent traction, amplifying its #StayKoolStaySafe campaign. The video was shared by a large number of celebrities on social media.

While we can all agree that nothing helps us stay fresh like a sweet iced caramel or even a bowl of luscious creaminess, there are a few things that instantly take your breath away. At the top of this list are the rumors and misinformation circulating on WhatsApp. One should not believe everything on WhatsApp, and to counter such false claims and help discredit the false news, Dr. Dakshayani Pandit and Dr. Shantanu Abhyankar highlighted how we can stay safe in the days of COVID19.

Dr. Pandit said: “There are a lot of rumors and fake news on WhatsApp. Don’t believe them. You need to stay cool, so have ice cream, it’s safe, cool and now is definitely the time to enjoy them.” StayKoolStaySafe India. ”

Dr. Abhyankar, while taking a break from his shift, spoke about the difficult times ahead and the importance of not believing any news that can be found. Instead, it propagates how important it is to take every precaution to stay safe while staying cool with a cup of ice cream! You can see the full video here:

There are many reasons why you should enjoy a bowl of ice cream in the summer months without any worries. Don’t let any misinformation take away your happy moment, especially if it’s ice cream. The idea is to embrace ice cream for what it is and the effect it has on all of us in the months of unrelenting heat. There is a level of joy in each ice cream cup that brings out the best in all of us. And don’t keep it alone. Like these celebrities and personalities, share the joy of ice cream with those around you. For every ice cream you order, get some extra for the delivery man, your neighbors and family. Together, we can overcome these difficult times by staying cool and safe while transmitting joy to those who need it most.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of IICMA by the Times Internet Spotlight Team.

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