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How IIM Rohtak is renewing sports education in the country with its Executive Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management


Throughout the world, the sports industry has experienced spectacular growth. It has successfully moved to a full sector in many countries and the global sports business is estimated to be around $ 600 billion. Driven by high consumer demand, the industry has expanded to various segments within itself and is generating large-scale employment opportunities. With so many positive indicators, sport has certainly gone beyond its traditional image of being a leisure activity and is now a major business activity combining entertainment, media, sponsorship, manufacturing, and management.

Also in India, the sports industry has become a high growth and profit industry. The Indian sports market is worth approximately $ 1.89 billion. The arrival of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2009 revolutionized the sports environment in India. Its resounding success had a cascading impact on many professional leagues, such as the Indian Sports League (ISL), the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), the Indian Hockey League (IHL) and the Indian Super League, among others, which Once they have begun to instill a year. Round professional sports calendar in India. In general, the entire sports industry has been growing at a very fast rate. All of the above has led to a greater need for trained professional managers who can manage the business side of sports.

While India has always been a multi-sport nation for a longer part of history, little was done academically to create professional sports managers. Therefore, the academic institution should try to create a curriculum and offer courses that help many young sports enthusiasts who want to pursue sports management as careers. IIM Rohtak is the only senior management institution that offers a course in sports management that can create professionals who can manage sponsorships, sporting goods businesses, sports medicine, sports media, sports tourism, sports law, sports financing, among other activities in the sports industry.

Designed for professionals: Executive Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management, IIM Rohtak

To meet this need for sport-focused academic programs in an emerging sports superpower like India, IIM Rohtak, one of India’s leading management universities, has presented its
Executive Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management. Meticulously designed for sports enthusiasts who want to forge a career out of their passion and prepare for the industry. Graduates of the program are trained to understand legal, regulatory, operational, financial and brand concepts in the sports industry, nationally and globally. This understanding enables graduates to solve the problems that arise in the industry and gain a foothold in this growing sector in India.

Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak is in fact the first of all IIMs to have a PG Diploma Program in Sports Management. Currently entering its third year, the program is designed specifically for athletes, former players, current practitioners, and executives working in any role that they plan to develop their future career in sports management. Today, sports management encompasses a range of functions such as sports administration and planning, event management, sports negotiations and compliance, sports communication, elite athlete management, sports academies, facility management, and sports marketing management, among others. . All of this can be managed efficiently only with the professional experience that the IIM Rohtak Executive Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management aims to address.


Design and duration of the program.

The duration of the
Program It is two years, consisting of 6 periods and 560 interactive sessions, where students are introduced to an atmosphere of learning combined with learning both offline and online. As an additional step, IIM Rohtak also offers scholarships to applicants for programs that have represented India at Asian / Commonwealth / Olympic events. Her interdisciplinary curriculum combines classical sports-focused education with professional development, networking, and skills in areas such as sports finance, sports law, sports marketing and merchandising, and special events, preparing students to thrive in settings global trade.

Highlights of the program.

● Opportunity to obtain a Master of Sport Management from the University of Ulster, UK, upon successful completion of the EPGDSM program.

● National and international participation of various sports fields in the first lots.

● Live projects at various sporting events (BWF Super Series event, AFC Cup 2019, Chennaiyin FC (ISL Football Championship), POKKT, BWF Super Series event and many others

● Visiting professors from internationally renowned universities such as the Indian Institute of Sports Medicine, Ulster University (United Kingdom), Leeds Becket university (United Kingdom), Zurich University (Switzerland), University do Porto (Portugal), British Columbia Institute (Canada), University of Helsinki (Finland) and the University of San Francisco (USA), among others.

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Brilliant opportunities

Considering that sports management is a transdisciplinary field, there are many opportunities for people from different backgrounds. Currently, the growth rate of the industry is extremely high as investment in human capital by various sports-related companies and businesses is also increasing. This is the best time for young professionals to strengthen their careers and transform their passion for sports with entrepreneurial skills that make them relevant in the job market. the
IIM Rohtak Executive Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management It is the best way to make a mark in the sports industry considering that the full program is offered at a relatively inexpensive price of ₹ 7.15, 524 / -.

Professor Dheeraj Sharma talks about the sports management program at IIM Rohtak

If you are passionate about sports and want to contribute in a global business environment, the IIM Rohtak Executive Postgraduate Diploma in Sport Management can help you improve your game. Applications are currently open for the third batch of the program (year 2020-22) until July 20, 2020.
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