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Fighting terror in Jammu and Kashmir | HT Editorial – Editorials


On Monday, Ajay Pandita – a chosen one sarpanch in the Anantnag district of southern Kashmir, he was shot dead by terrorists. This is the second targeted murder of a local grassroots leader, after another sarpanch He was shot dead in November. Pandita’s murder is a reminder of the security and political challenges in the Valley.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic spread widely in Pakistan and devastated its economy, its military intelligence complex has continued to sponsor terror across the border. Whether through continued attempts at infiltration, fueling tensions across the Line of Control, or spreading fear through representatives of terror in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), Pakistan continues to seek to destabilize India. New Delhi will have to remain vigilant, ensure more accurate intelligence gathering, keep its security personnel on high alert and protect its citizens and political leaders at J&K. In addition to intensifying its preparedness for security, the government should also consider opening the political space in Kashmir, freeing the main leaders still detained, opening channels of communication with all stakeholders who remain committed to the unity of India. and they believe in peaceful politics, and provide a roadmap for eventual elections. Expanding democratic space will strengthen the pro-India constituency at J&K, which in turn will provide strong local political, intelligence and administrative networks to defeat terror.

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