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India Coronavirus cases: India beats Spain, 5th highest in the world | India News


NEW DELHI: India’s total Covid-19 cases surpassed Spain’s on Saturday to become the world’s fifth largest, on a day when new infections in the country crossed 10,000 for the first time. Up to 297 deaths were reported, the highest number in a single day of the virus so far.
India’s coronavirus case count stood at 2.46,549 late on Saturday night, surpassing Spain’s count of 2.41,310 during the course of the day. Now only the USA USA (19,06,060 cases), Brazil (6,14,941), Russia (4,58,102) and the United Kingdom (2,86,294) have registered a greater number of cases.
As cases continue to rise (10,434 recent infections were reported on Saturday), India can take comfort from the fact that the death toll is much lower than Brazil, Spain and the UK at the same stage of cases. Only Russia and the US USA They had a lower toll at the same stage (around 2.4 lakh) among the six worst affected countries.
India’s daily Covid-19 case count crossed the five digits on Saturday, beating the previous high of 9,651 on Thursday. Even the death toll was higher in two cases than the previous peak of 295, recorded just a day earlier, according to data collected by state governments. With this, India has reported 6,939 deaths from the virus, which translates into a case fatality rate of 2.8%.
While Maharashtra once again reported the highest number of cases with 2,739, at least nine states recorded their largest single-day increases to date. These were Tamil Nadu (1,458 new cases), Bengal (435), Haryana (355), Assam (244, passing through the difference in total cases in 24 hours), Jharkhand (106), Andhra Pradesh (210), Telangana (206), Odisha (173), and Goa (71).
New infections also continued to be high, particularly in Delhi, which reported 1,320 cases, Gujarat (498), Karnataka (378), Uttar Pradesh (382), Bihar (233), Rajasthan (253), Madhya Pradesh (232), and Kerala. (108).
Maharashtra recorded 120 Covid-19 deaths on Saturday, its second highest number in a day so far. The highest deaths reported so far in one day were 139, on Friday. Of the 120 deaths, 58 were in Mumbai, the highest deaths in the city for one day; its toll so far is 1,577.
The day’s death toll was high in Delhi, where the state government reported 53 deaths, Gujarat (29), Tamil Nadu (19), Bengal (17), Madhya Pradesh (15), Rajasthan (13), UP (11 ) and Telangana (10).
Maharashtra’s overall toll now stands at 2,969, gradually advancing to the 3,000 mark. The state update said that of the total deaths reported Saturday, 30 were from the past two days, while the other 90 were from May 3 to June 3. As of Monday, the state has reported 683 deaths. Of the 120 deaths, 90 were from the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.
Mumbai registered 1,274 new cases, bringing the city’s count to 47,354 cases, with a fatality rate of 3.33%. The Covid daily update from the Mumbai corporation also spoke of 57 deaths.
Gujarat recorded 498 positive Covid-19 cases in 24 hours that ended at 5 p.m. Saturday, bringing the count to 19,617. The cases included 289 from Ahmedabad, 92 from Surat, 34 from Vadodara and 20 from Gandhinagar. The state recorded the death of 29 Covid-19 positive patients within 24 hours, at a cost of 1,219. Ahmedabad continued to record a high number of 26 deaths.
Gujarat has recorded a steady drop in daily testing since June 3, when 6,288 tests were conducted. On three subsequent days, the daily figures are 6,023, 5,990, and 5,695.
Haryana on Saturday recorded 355 new cases of Covid-19, her biggest jump in a single day in the number of new coronavirus patients so far, as the infection count approached the 4,000 mark.
Most of the new cases come from the worst affected districts of Gurgaon, Sonipat and Faridabad, which reported 129, 89 and 39 infections, respectively.
UP’s coronavirus count crossed the 10,000 mark with 382 new cases. It took Covid cases about 18 days to double from 5,000, which is almost the same time that cases doubled from 2,500 to 5,000.

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