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From Amaravati to decentralized growth | Amaravati News

From Amaravati to decentralized growth | Amaravati News

Capital dreams

AMARAVATI: It didn’t take long for locals to realize that the much-talked-about world capital Amaravati would eventually fade into history after YS Jagan came to power last May. A year with Jagan at the helm, Amaravati remains on paper with many half-finished structures and arid lands. The dream capital for thousands of local farmers, who separated their land without receiving compensation, is slowly becoming a ghost town.
The previous TDP government had grouped nearly 33,000 acres from local farmers and seized another 20,000 acres of government land to prepare a large capital city for the state. Planned on over 50,000 acres, the proposed capital city did vigorous business with real estate agents and business tycoons.
Two private universities had started operating while a dozen skyscrapers were ready for occupation. However, the TDP government spent a lot of time finalizing designs and plans, as they wanted to make Amaravati bigger than the world’s largest capitals. Eventually delayed grounding of major works.
Taking full advantage of the slow pace of progress, the YSRC government decided to decentralize development in the three regions of the state. He stopped all ongoing projects and decided not to make new investments in Amaravati.
Enraged with development, the farmers began protests in the 29 villages of the capital city and filed various petitions in the superior court. Despite facing several setbacks in court, the YSRC government remains steadfast in eliminating the Amaravati project.
“We do not have the luxury of spending a lakh crore in a city (Amaravati) ignoring the cries of the people of Rayalaseema and the northern coastal regions for drinking and irrigation water,” said Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy, defending the movement. However, he promised to do justice to local farmers, who had turned over their land for the construction of the capital city.
However, YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s decision to develop Mangalagiri and Tadepalle as model cities are likely to stimulate development along the road connecting Guntur and Vijayawada cities

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