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‘Blocked failed’: Rahul Gandhi attacks Modi government over Covid-19 response | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressman Rahul Gandhi criticized the Modi government on Friday for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic and a “failed blockade” that was imposed to stem the spread of the virus in the country.
On Twitter, the congressional leader shared a graph showing the number of Covid-19 cases in Spain, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom, comparing them to India.
Through graphics, Rahul emphasized that the blockade was imposed in those countries when the number of coronavirus cases increased and the unlocking process began, the number of cases was in decline.
However, in India, the unlocking process is beginning at a time when there is a sharp increase in the number of Covid-19 cases.

Rahul Gandhi He had previously also said that India is the only country to have relaxed the blockade when Covid-19 cases are increasing. Previously, the former president of Congress also called the blockade in India “failed”, which has not helped to see a decrease in cases.
India has seen a steady increase in the number of cases since the blockade has been relaxed since June 1.
India saw a record jump in a single day of 9,851 coronavirus cases and 273 deaths on Friday, bringing the national infection rate to 2.26,770 and the number of deaths to 6,348, according to the Ministry of Health of the Union.

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