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Ahmedabad Coronavirus News: Ahmedabad has the highest number of deaths by crown in India / m population | India News


Although Delhi and Mumbai appear to be worse with the highest number of Covid-19 cases and deaths each day, Ahmedabad with less than half the population of these meters has the highest deaths per million population in the country. It also has the highest case fatality rate (CFR) (number of deaths per 100 cases) among the nine megapolis with populations of more than 5 million.
With 115 deaths per million, Ahmedabad is much worse than Mumbai in second place with 80 deaths per million. Among the main meters, Bangalore seems to be doing its best with only one death per million. When it comes to CFR, Chennai’s 0.9 is the lowest among the nine megacities. The data is from Friday morning.

Ahmedabad Coronavirus News: Ahmedabad has the highest number of deaths by crown in India / m population | India News

The comparison here is between the nine urban agglomerations (cities and their urban growths, such as Greater Mumbai or Greater Calcutta) in the country that has 5 million or more people living in them.
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A low CFR is often seen as a result of extensive testing and therefore the detection of a large number of positive cases. The greater the number of positive cases, the denominator, the lower the CFR. Ahmedabad’s CFR of 6.9 has been explained by many as the result of inadequate testing. But the city’s death toll per million suggests that Covid’s mismanagement of cases has more than just inadequate evidence.
Even in absolute numbers, Ahmedabad, which has recorded 953 deaths, is second only to Mumbai with 1,698 deaths. Delhi follows Mumbai with 650 deaths. Bangalore has recorded only 14 deaths so far and the fewest number of cases, only 428.
Although many cities have been trying to comfort their recovery rates, epidemiologists have repeatedly pointed out that in an infection like Covid, where more than 90% of those infected are expected to recover, the proportion of those who recover can only increase. Consistently over time, and therefore recovery rates are a misleading measure of progress in fighting the disease.
These nine urban agglomerations contribute more than 1.3 lakh of cases (almost 60% of the total of India) and 4,299 deaths, more than two thirds of the total of the country. An urban agglomeration (UA) is a continuous urban habitation that surrounds a city or the continuous geographic stretch of two or more cities that, in many ways, function as the same city.
Mumbai UA, for example, is made up of the municipal corporations of Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan-Dombivali, Ulhasnagar and Mira Bhayandar. Similarly, Kolkata UA spans the 24 Parganas, Hooghly and Howrah districts of Kolkata, North and South. Chennai UA has Chennai, Thiruvallur, and Kancheepuram, while Hydarabad UA includes Hyderabad, Rangareddy, and Medak. Ahmedabad UA also includes Gandhinagar.
The 2020 population estimates for these AUs from the United Nations Global Urbanization Outlook were used to calculate deaths per million. The India census does not include the Delhi satellite districts, such as Ghaziabad and Gurgaon, in the UA of Delhi and therefore the cases and population of Delhi are only for the state of Delhi or the city of Delhi. Delhi’s population for 2020 is taken from the census population projections for the states.
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