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Gujarat Congress: Two more MLA from Gujarat Congress resign before Rajya Sabha elections | Ahmedabad News


GANDHINAGAR: two more Gujarat Congress lawmakers submitted their resignations earlier than scheduled Thursday Rajya Sabha Elections June 19 for four state seats.
This has further reduced the party’s prospects for winning Rajya Sabha’s second two-seat seat that he could have won if none of his MLAs had resigned.

Before the first scheduled date for March 26, five MLAs in Congress had resigned from the party, however, due to the Covid-19 outbreak and blockade, the elections were postponed.

Rajendra Trivedi, speaker of the Gujarat assembly, confirmed and said: “Two members of the MLA Congress met with me and resigned on Wednesday and I accepted it.”
Amit Chavda, president of the state Congress who reacted to the resignation, said: “Instead of focusing on spending money on citizens affected by Covid-19, BJP is spending it on buying our MLAs to win the Rajya Sabha polls by undemocratic means” .
Jitu Vaghani, president of Gujarat BJP, said: “Congress cannot respect or even address complaints from legislators. The party has not only lost the trust of the people but also of its legislators.”
In the 182-member state assembly, the ruling BJP has 103 W legislators, while the opposition Congress now has 66 MLAs.
Each party needs a minimum of 35 seats for each seat, so BJP has two safe seats and for the third seat, it currently lacks two first-choice votes, while Congress also lacks four votes for its second seat. .
On video: Two other MLAs from the Gujarat Congress submit their resignation before the Rajya Sabha elections

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