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Dead Elephant in Kerala 2020: Don’t Forgive Pregnant Elephant Killers; Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan | Kozhikode News


PALAKKAD: The murder of a pregnant wild elephant has sparked outrage across the country, even as the Prime Minister of Kerala promised strict action against criminals. “The forestry department is investigating the case and the culprits will not be saved,” Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said on Wednesday.
The Mannarkkad forestry division recorded a case and launched an investigation into the murder of the 15-year-old cow elephant. Two organizations announced a cash reward to anyone who provided information leading to the arrest of the criminals.
The elephant had chewed an explosive-filled pineapple that exploded in its mouth. The injured animal was in the Velliyar River, where it died on May 27 in the Thiruvizhamkunnu forest section in Kottopadam grama panchayat. The forest department had employed two kumki elephants to rescue the injured animal. The efforts were in vain.
According to Mannarkkad Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Sunil Kumar, the elephant may have come from the buffer zone of Silent Valley National Park. He died on private land 300 meters from the Thiruvizhamkunnu forest section. “We have recorded a case for killing the wild elephant, but no one has been arrested. We are waiting for the post mortem report to discover the exact cause of his death, “he said. The officer said the fruit full of firecrackers could have been placed to kill wild animals that attack crops.
Silent Valley National Park wildlife director Samuel V Pachuau said the patrol intensified after the death of the elephant.
Meanwhile, BJP leader Maneka Gandhi criticized the state government and Rahul Gandhi for not taking cruelty to animals seriously. She fell heavily into the mistreatment of the captive elephants. “The forest secretary must be removed and the minister (for the protection of wildlife), if it makes any sense, must resign. Rahul Gandhi is from that area, why hasn’t he taken action? “, I ask.
The tragic end of the elephant was made public after a forest official, Mohan Krishnan, offered an emotional apology on his Facebook page. “Sorry sister,” Krishnan, who witnessed the death of the elephant, posted on Facebook. “With his mouth and tongue destroyed in the explosion, he wandered hungry without being able to eat. She must have been more concerned with the health of the child within her than with her own hunger. ”

Several celebrities, including Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma, Shraddha Kapoor, Randeep Hooda, John Abraham, and Akshay Kumar, demanded actions against animal cruelty. Actor Prithviraj Sukumaran also condemned the inhumane act. “Horrified to hear what happened in Kerala. Let’s treat our animals with love and put an end to these cowardly acts, “Kohli tweeted. Porter hitter Rishabh Pant also expressed his anger.” Heartbroken, speechless, angry and shocked to read the news about the pregnant elephant in Kerala, “he tweeted.

Meanwhile, the Humane Society International-India (HSI), an organization working against animal cruelty, on Wednesday offered Rs 50,000 to anyone who helps bring the culprit to the book. He asked to share any information about the case by phone +917674922044 or email [email protected]
Condemning the incident, the organization said “the elephant could have accessed this pineapple filled with cookies, originally intended to catch wild boars.” Furthermore, the elephant is believed to have remained in the Velliyar for a long time with its trunk in the water, to heal the wound. “HSI also called for improving government ex gratia payment systems and the need for crop insurance schemes that safeguard the interest of the communities without compromising the welfare of the animals.
In announcing a Rs 1 lakh reward, Wildlife SOS, an NGO, said that the practice of stuffing explosives into food materials has often been done to maim and kill wild animals. He added that he would guarantee that the heinous act does not go unpunished. The NGO can be contacted through its elephant hotline 9971699727 or by email, [email protected]
In April, a cow elephant had similarly died in the Pathanapuram forest range under the Punalur division in Kollam, a senior forest official said. The officer said forest officials found the elephant in a serious condition in the fringe areas of the forests in Pathanapuram.
“The pachyderm was found far from the herd. His jaw was broken and he couldn’t eat. It was weak. When the forest officers approached, he ran into the forest and joined the herd of elephants waiting there. The following day, the elephant was found again removed from its herd. He was given adequate treatment but succumbed to his injuries, “said the officer.
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