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Andhra Pradesh coronavirus news: in the eastern village of Godavari, the super-spreader transmits the coronavirus to 116 | Visakhapatnam News

KAKINADA: About 20 kilometers from Kakinada, located between green fields and coconut trees, is the town of Gollala Mamidada.

The now nondescript Pedapudi Mandal village in the East Godavari district is now in the headlines for earning the dubious distinction of being the first village in the country to have 116 confirmed cases of Covid-19 as of Wednesday.

In the village of E Godavari, the super spreader transmits viruses to 116

On May 20, a 53-year-old Covid-19 infected person from the village succumbed to complications from the virus at the Government General Hospital (GGH) in Kakinada within half an hour of admission.

The deceased, who worked at a hotel and a photographer, is believed to have been a super propagator due to the nature of his work, as well as the late onset of symptoms. The patient transmitted the virus directly or indirectly to at least 150 people in Pedapudi mandal and neighboring Ramachandrapuram, Anaparti, Bikkavolu and Mandapeta mandates.

The deceased is believed to have contracted the virus while covering a recent event in Ramachandrapuram.

It was also learned that the deceased participated in a mask distribution program carried out by a local organization.

However, district officials have yet to trace the origin of the disease on the super spreader. In addition, the son of the deceased was also diagnosed with the disease at the same time as his father, raising questions about who transmitted the virus to whom. According to authorities, the son threw a party for his friends at a local bakery before testing positive.

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The outbreak in these mandates, meanwhile, has pushed the Covid-19 figure in East Godavari above 300, of which super-spreader-related infections only account for more than 50 percent of the district’s case load.

District officials declared the town of G Mamidada a red zone and established a special control room by attracting officials from various departments.

East Godavari collector D Muralidhar Reddy said the deceased may have contributed to the outbreak at G Mamidada and neighboring mandates after softening the closing rules after May 17.

“Tests are being done on all primary and secondary contacts of people infected with Covid-19,” said the collector.

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