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India China News: Various strategic objectives at stake in the India-China border clash | India News


NEW DELHI: There is a bigger dynamic at work in the India-China confrontation in Ladakh, one in which India faces rejection for trying to use the communist giant’s new post-Covid vulnerabilities to reduce its ability to flex muscles in the regional and global scenario. .
Chinese intrusions through the Current Line of Control (ALC) in eastern Ladakh reflect “salami tactics” that he has used to expand territorial and strategic space, and not least to psychologically wear down an opponent. But it can also be an acknowledgment that India is trying to rework an equation that has allowed China to use the shaky border and Pakistan to keep India off-balance.

The LAC confrontation can still be resolved, as the Chinese side has softened its rhetoric but there is a strategic dispute. The Modi government’s measures to analyze Chinese investments are effectively a means to stop it. Launching India as a welcoming destination for investors seeking to leave China and being part of a global effort to seek an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus is no coincidence.
The strategic asymmetry is not going to change in a hurry even though China’s image has taken a massive hit. The Chinese leadership is adept at managing internal challenges and using the country’s huge reserves to sustain the economy. Its loan programs will continue to attract poor countries and short-sighted leaders, and its expansion in the South China Sea may not be easy to reverse.

India’s resolve to hold firm in eastern Ladakh clearly indicates that China will finally have to back down. This may need some compensation, but India’s position is clear enough: China can use the element of surprise to enter Indian territory, but there will be no acceptance or acceptance of a unilateral rearrangement of LAC.
The Doklam experience has not been lost in China, since India had moved to the territory of Bhutan, disputed by Beijing – to stop a road that is being built by the PLA. The discussion about China’s reinforcements after the fighting ended ignores that the area has been under its influence for a long time. What is significant is that a threat to Northeast India was thwarted.
The decision to annul Article 370 was a bold decision aimed at ending an ambiguity that for decades has given Pakistan and its mentor control over India. Cracks in Chinese armor offer India a chance to further loosen the grip of the caliper, and China’s pullback is only foreseeable.

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