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The Polavaram project will be completed in 2021: YS Jaganmohan Reddy | Amaravati News


AMARAVATI: Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy On Tuesday he said that the proposed irrigation projects (IP) in Rayalaseema will be completed without doing any region injustice, as they were designed to extract only the AP water portion of the Srisailam project.
He said the government was determined to complete Polavaram project by 2021 despite the blockade that hinders the progress of work.

The Polavaram project will be completed in 2021: YS Jaganmohan Reddy | Amaravati News

Addressing a seminar on the agricultural sector during ‘Mana Palana-Mee SuchanaOn Tuesday, at the prime minister’s camp office, he said they eliminated the role of intermediaries and high-level corruption by starting irrigation projects, as they have already saved close to Rs 1.095 billion through reverse tenders. “We will complete all planned irrigation projects in the next four years and revolutionize the agricultural sector,” said the prime minister.
He said YSR Janata Bazaars It would be established in the next year through which farmers would obtain a minimum support price for their products in their villages. Storage, packaging and sorting facilities would be provided at the Janata Bazaars. Soil and seed analysis laboratories will also be installed in all constituencies, he said.
“The state will progress only when its farmers are prosperous. So far, the government has spent Rs 10,209 million to the YSR Rythu Bharosa scheme, “said Jaganmohan Reddy.
He said for the first time, the government has bought almost 80,000 quintals of onion to provide MSP to farmers and has already spent Rs 2.2 billion for price stabilization and Rs 12 billion on rice. obtaining.

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