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Donald Trump presides over an anarchic turn – editorials


With his country experiencing the worst racial unrest since the 1960s, the position of the President of the United States (US), Donald Trump, continues to decline both at home and abroad. More than 40 cities are blocked in the original sense, under a curfew for reasons of public order. And all this, even as the country struggles with the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed more than 100,000 lives. Both crises have demonstrated Trump’s minimal leadership capabilities. After the horrifying manner of George Floyd’s death, the first tweets of the President of the United States seemed to encourage police to fire on protesters. Although he has occasionally tried to beat the occasion, Trump continues to be a president with minimal presidential qualities.

Trump’s political success is due in part to deliberate polarization. He has repeatedly sought confrontation with the alleged enemies of his white working class base. Today’s riots, many of which have inevitably turned into rampant destruction, may still help your poll numbers. But even Republican strategists fear independent, suburban women, two key key votes, see things differently. Abroad, China has gleefully highlighted the unrest. Beijing has been in the news for the wrong reasons recently, whether due to the pandemic or the Hong Kong crackdown. Seeing your geopolitical rival repeatedly lose the ball will be a relief. More troubling, it can encourage an already heightened sense that the Middle Kingdom is facing no real control or balance in the international system. The United States can do better, and for reasons far beyond its borders, it needs to do it.

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