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Before Unlock, the Highest Jump of a Day in Covid Cases | India News

NEW DELHI: On the last day of Lockdown 4.0, as the central and state governments prepared for a gradual unlocking of the curbs to get the economy back on track, India saw its biggest jump in Covid-19 infections with 8,237 reported cases during the day.
With a total of 1.85,061 cases reported as of Sunday night, India beat Germany (1.83,426 cases) in all coronavirus cases to climb to eighth place among the countries most affected by the virus. If current trends continue, India will displace France (1.88 lakh cases) to take seventh place in the next 24 hours.
Deaths from the virus also steadily increased. States reported 224 Covid-19-related deaths on Sunday, the second-highest number in a single day so far after 270 deaths on Friday. The total figure increased to 5,404, of which more than 2,000 have arrived in the past 12 days alone. But the country can take comfort in the fact that the death rate of 2.9% was still much lower than that of most of the most affected countries.
Nearly 48,000 new cases have been detected in the past week alone, representing more than a quarter of all reported infections since the first positive case emerged on January 30. Daily cases have reached record levels in nine of the last 11 days.
Sunday’s peak of 8,237 cases came even as the most affected new cases in Maharashtra (2,487) decreased by almost 450 from Saturday’s count. At least five states, including Delhi (1,295 cases), Tamil Nadu (1,149), Uttar Pradesh (378), Bengal (371), Karnataka (299), and Telangana (199), recorded their biggest jump in infections.
On the positive side, the number of people who have recovered from the infection has crossed 90,000. On Sunday there were more than 4,700 recoveries, bringing the total count to 91,368, which translates to a recovery rate of over 49%.

Before Unlock, the Highest Jump of a Day in Covid Cases | India News

Mumbai registered 1,244 new cases on Sunday, out of 2,487 in Maharashtra. However, the city recorded the second highest daily jump in deaths at age 52, of the state’s 89 reported deaths during the day. With this, Maharashtra has reported a total of 67,655 Covid-19 cases so far and 2,286 deaths.
The increase in viral infection continued in Delhi, which recorded another peak of 1,295 cases and 57 deaths, many of which were attributed to past deaths that are now being reported.
Tamil Nadu’s Covid numbers are increasing with 13 deaths and 1,149 new cases reported on Sunday, the first time the daily count hit four figures. Now the state’s case count is 22,333 and the death toll is 173.
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With 804 new cases, Chennai continued to worry public health officials, epidemiologists, and doctors. The city also had cascading effects on its neighbors.
Uttar Pradesh also reported the highest single-day increase of 378 cases. Two NCR districts, GB Nagar and Ghaziaabd, saw a Covid peak again on Sunday, registering 49 and 33 cases respectively. With this, UP’s case count has gone beyond the 8,000 mark. GB Nagar now has the second highest count in the state, 457, and the highest number of active cases, 171.
Gujarat added 438 positive cases of Covid-19 in one day, the second highest in history, bringing the total to 16,794. Ahmedabad registered 299 cases, while Surat registered 55 and Vadodara 34 new cases. Of the 31 deaths, 20 were reported from Ahmedabad.
Telangana recorded 199 new cases of coronavirus, again the highest single-day increase in the twin states, even when five people died, bringing the number of deaths to 82.
In one day, the Telangana government issued more relaxations and interstate moves smoothly, the total number of positive cases in the state rising to 2,698.
Greater Hyderabad has emerged as a major concern to authorities as it accounted for 122 of the total cases, and the government blamed people for not complying with the closing rules.

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