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Trump says the United States will resign from the WHO and announces light sanctions against China

WASHINGTON: The President of the United States, Donald Trump on Friday announced on Friday that Washington’s relationship with World Health Organization and impose a series of sanctions against China for its deception regarding the coronavirus pandemic and its actions in Hong Kong.
In a statement he read from a teleprompter at the White House, Trump said he will also initiate a ban on Chinese researchers studying in the US. USA They are considered potential security risks and will seek action against Chinese companies listed on the US stock exchange. USA Whose practices are inconsistent with the laws of the United States. The United States will also withdraw special trade and travel status and privileges granted to Hong Kong in lieu of its violation of treaty obligations to Britain, which it said Beijing has now violated.

Trump blamed his predecessor administrations and presidents for allowing China to scam the United States and said he will not allow it. The immediate reaction from critics on the Democratic and Republican sides was that the so-called sanctions against China were mostly symbolic and light. Trump did not mention the tensions between India and China.
The President of the USA USA He did not answer any questions, turned around and walked away after his statement, although a group of a dozen reporters tried to ask him to follow up, including on the situation in Minnesota and other states where black protests have erupted. The alleged murder of an African American man = by a white police officer.
Critics blame Trump for fanning the flames of civic unrest by echoing the exact words used by George Wallace, a white supremacist-segregationist-racist racist: “When the looting begins, the shooting begins,” to convey a strong response. to the riots.
Video: United States ends relationship with WHO: President Trump

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