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Stay Home & Stay Happy – The Latest SBI Card Campaign Screenshots on How To Get Over The Block Positively


Continuous and necessary blocking has been difficult for all of us. Some are overburdened by the extra work it has put on us, others are struggling to find a way to use up all the extra time they suddenly have, and some are just overwhelmed by the reality of it all. However, it is possible to overcome these testing times in a positive, happy and safe way. And the latest SBI Card campaign has managed to capture just that, in the perfect way possible.

There is no denying the fact that staying home right now is important to all of us who are not in essential services and have the freedom to work from home. However, the home can be a place of new revelations and fun experiments. Instead of falling into the daily pattern of working, eating, sleeping, repeating, there are fun elements that we can add to our schedules, at home, to make them more entertaining and meaningful.

We all have those hobbies that we have forgotten. Whether you feel like capturing all the right moments and dipping our feet in photography, the fascination of making the most exclusive and delicious dishes, or baking the most exquisite cakes, our hobbies are there. Just waiting for us to give you the time and attention you need.

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The SBI Card video talks about these hobbies that have not been explored to their full potential or perhaps lie forgotten in our hearts. Filmed while upholding all the rules of social estrangement, while indoors, this beautiful video shows the potential of what can be accomplished at home. In addition to this, the brand is also motivating people to do what they can to stimulate their minds and souls.

Whether it’s investing in a home gym and finally having an exercise schedule to count, or just relaxing and de-stressing playing your favorite musical instruments. The blockade has also provided us with much-needed quality time with our family, unlike anything we’ve had before. The film also captures why we need to make the most of this, now, and create beautiful memories that we will cherish forever.

The SBI Card is known to be a brand that truly cares about the well-being of its consumers. They have always been the perfect company for all of our life buys big and small, and today, with this heartwarming video, they have established once again that they will be here, during trial times. We hope you are inspired to stay home but stay happy.

Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of the SBI Card by the Times Internet Spotlight team.

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