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The Covid-19 pandemic has led to partial or even extensive blockades worldwide. Some companies and companies have succumbed to this pressure, and this has led to job cuts, significant growth decision delays, hiring freezes, etc. Such a scenario has required the need for professionals to work to turn this challenge into a treasure trove of opportunities. As a result, people have been using their time indoors by refocusing their priorities. And with the unprecedented change that has entered everyone’s life, improving skills with an MBA from a recognized school and a good platform is what can help people navigate smoothly in this rough tide.

Allowing people to get out of their comfort zone and diversify their skills, NMIMS Global Access presents the
MBA (Executive) with Specialization in Business Analytics, powered by upGrad. This program is an important milestone in anyone’s professional journey as it recognizes the tidal wave of data that is helping to navigate the corporate ship around the world.

The current global economic situation has presented the corporate world with challenges that no one had anticipated. It has forced them to have a new perspective on cost management while guaranteeing the effective use of resources. Experts have also often stated that an important opportunity to build cost strength and introduce efficient resource management into the business lies in a specific and accurate data management system.

For example, to address the issue of in-flight food waste and ensure adequate inventory for passengers on board, Indigo developed a predictive analytics tool in-house. This tool has helped reduce food waste by 15% within the first three months of use. He has also assisted the company with valuable information on inventory management.

The data has fundamentally transformed the way companies look after their operations and growth. And now, with the Covid-19 crisis, companies will turn to more efficient processes and make well-thought-out decisions through data analysis. So this is the right time for people to invest in a
MBA (Executive) with NMIMS global access, powered by upGrad, which teaches them the core of analytical management and enables them to explore various career options as data-driven managers or leaders from the comfort of their homes.


MBA (Executive) with NMIMS global access

MBA (Executive) with specialization in Business Analytics from NMIMS Global Access and developed by upGrad

This is an 18 month program equipped with over 1000 hours of content along with over 10 industry relevant projects. Students can also take full advantage of this program with over 200 hours of live interaction with faculty. This is a great opportunity for students to learn from the best experts and teachers at NMIMS Global Access as well. In this program, you will learn management concepts from top industry experts like Siddharth Roy Kapur, Debopam Chawdhary, Chetan Bhagat, and Manu Kumar Jain.

Another notable aspect of this program is that it employs application-based learning using simulations of Harvard trade publications and case studies. This is a unique program that provides students with NMIMS Global Access alumni status.

The Covid-19 health crisis will be a turning point in the destiny of the corporate community. The old ways of functioning will be completely revised. The way forward involves improving skills and adding more value to professional life. This is the right time to venture into new waters with the programs offered by upGrad and lead a much-needed new start. To be part of the program, sign up

Disclaimer: This article has been published on behalf of upGrad by the Times Internet Spotlight team.

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