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Lockdown 5: How can lockdown 5.0 | India News


NEW DELHI: After the end of Lockdown 4.0 on May 31, the Center is likely to allow states and Union territories to decide on future restrictions. The current and fourth phase of coronavirus-induced blockade was announced on May 17.
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Here’s a look at what the next blocking phase in India might look like:

  • According to a report published in The Economic Times, two government panels, charged with managing the coronavirus crisis, did not request a new extension of the fourth edition of the blockade, which is scheduled to end this weekend.
  • The panel suggested “continuing or even expanding” containment measures in the most affected areas. Other places may see relaxation in containment measures.
  • The Center may come out with a negative list that prohibits some activities across India.
  • School, universities, religious sites, and movie theaters are expected to remain closed.
  • Restrictions on international travel are likely to continue.
  • International flights may not resume before July and the wait could be longer for educational institutions such as schools and colleges to open.
  • Blocking measures are likely to be reviewed every fortnight until all curbs are lifted.
  • The role of the Center in the blockade will be limited to presenting a progressively smaller list of activities that are not allowed at the national level and establishing National Directives on the management of Covid-19, such as the mandatory use of face masks and the observation of social distancing. .
  • Stores in markets and markets are likely to have some time for their sales to revive before shopping malls open.
  • The decision to open stores in shopping centers will be made soon, after taking into account the guidelines of the ministry of health.
  • There is also discussion about whether restaurants and restaurants can resume dinner services, and whether this call should be left to state governments.
  • It will take another week to 10 days for a more comprehensive assessment of the impact of the migration of thousands of thousands of workers to their home states in recent weeks.
  • The negative list, which excludes activities in areas with a high incidence of the disease, is expected to be further reduced.

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