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India Pakistan News: Maldives and UAE foil Pakistan’s attempt to form ICO group to target India at UN | World News

NEW DELHI: Maldives and the United Arab Emirates foiled a movement to Pakistan create an informal group of envoys from the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) in the United Nations in IslamophobiaDawn newspaper reported.
As reported by TOI on May 23, Male told the ICO at the virtual envoys meeting that pointing out India for Islamophobia would not only be incorrect but would also be detrimental to religious harmony in South Asia. He refused to support any action against India.

The United Arab Emirates reportedly did not support Pakistan’s move, saying that only foreign ministers could form such a group.
the Permanent Representative of Maldives In New York, Thilmeeza Hussain said that while his country strongly opposed Islamophobia, xenophobia or any form of violence to promote a political or other agenda, he also believed that attacking a specific country would be like sidestepping the problem. real.
The top diplomat, who is also the Maldivian ambassador to the United States, further said that “isolated statements by motivated people and disinformation campaigns” on social media should not be interpreted as representative of the sentiments of 1.3 billion.

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