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The end of autonomy for Hong Kong | HT Editorial – Editorials


China appears to have begun to consolidate its territorial claims on its periphery and the first victim will be an autonomous Hong Kong. The Chinese National People’s Congress passed a new security law that will penalize most forms of political dissent, undermine other individual freedoms, and end the activity of foreigners in the city-state. The rubber-stamped Hong Kong authority has stated its intention to pass the law, effectively ending the “one country, two systems” principle that underpinned the surrender of the British colony.

United States (US) Secretary of State Mike Pompeo quickly warned that these actions meant that Hong Kong no longer enjoyed China’s autonomy, clearing the way for Washington to revoke the special economic status that the city-state enjoy the USA USA The United States is likely to reverse elements of this status, including visas, tariffs and financial regulations, blocking the way with the regression of Hong Kong’s rights. With reports of capital flight and financial companies already seeking alternative housing, Hong Kong’s future as an international financial center looks bleak. This will make relations between the United States and China, already fragile, even worse. Beijing has also accompanied this by officially abandoning the first word in its traditional defense of “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan. India should take a close look at China’s aggression as it could directly affect its own security interests.

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