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Locust attack: At first, the drone used to clear locust swarms in Chomu | India News


JAIPUR: At first, the state department of agriculture is using a drone to clean up lobsters in the state.

The first batch of bespoke drones delivered by the Union ministry of agriculture was delivered to the state department of agriculture on Tuesday. Its operation began Wednesday morning in the village of Samod in Chomu Tehsil, Jaipur, to clear a large swarm of locusts that arrived in the area a day ago.

These are designed to spray 10 liters of chemicals, along with creating a sound that would disperse lobsters in different areas. “It has successfully contained the locust movement in an open area and in the foothills where it was not possible for regular tractors to get it there. Field officers are studying a detailed assessment of its impact, ”said Om Prakash, commissioner of the state department of agriculture. An agriculture department official says they will soon launch a tender to involve 30 drones for that purpose.

The spray tank connected to a drone runs out within 10 minutes of your flight. Later, the manipulator fills it up through a tractor. It is a cost-effective measure for the state department of agriculture and the Lobster Warning Organization (LWO).

“The drone’s biggest advantage is that it can fly above the locusts’ flight zone, giving officers flexibility to carry out combat operations while flying. Previously, operations were restricted to when they rested on a tree or in a crop, ”Prakash said.

Its demand for drones is in the hundreds, but due to the blockade, the state does not make it available. “In fact, the state is running out of drones, as they are being used in surveillance of areas under the curfew of local administrations,” said an official.

Meanwhile, the agriculture department has required personal protective equipment (PPE) for its field officers as they have to run from place to place after the locust movement.

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