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India China News: The envoy approaches and says that India and China do not pose a mutual threat | India News


NEW DELHI: Amid tensions across LAC and some aggressive comments in the Chinese media, China’s ambassador to India Sun Weidong seemed to convey a more conciliatory message on Wednesday when he said at a select meeting that India and China they did not pose a threat to everyone. another and should never allow their differences to be “hidden” bilateral cooperation.
Sun also described neighbors as mutual opportunities, saying that countries must see each other’s development in the right way to enhance “strategic mutual trust.” The comments came one day when the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Beijing echoed the tenor of Sun, describing the border situation overall stable and controllable, adding that India and China were able to solve the problem through dialogue.

India China News: The envoy approaches and says that India and China do not pose a mutual threat | India News

Although there is still no progress at the confrontation sites in eastern Ladakh, where Chinese troops have invaded areas that India considers to be its side of the real control, the commanders on both sides remain in contact. On Tuesday, India had clearly signaled that it will not stray from the advanced positions facing Chinese troops until they withdraw to the usual patrol lines throughout LAC.
“We should correctly see our differences and never let differences overshadow the overall situation of bilateral cooperation. At the same time, we must gradually seek understanding through communication and constantly resolve differences,” Sun said, adding that China and India They should be good neighbors of “harmonious coexistence” and good partners to advance hand in hand. The formulation appears to be in line with efforts to ensure that high stresses do not lead to serious escalation.
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Sun said India and China should adhere to the “basic judgment” that they were mutual opportunities and did not pose a mutual threat. “Performing the dragon and elephant dance together was the only right choice for China and India, serving the fundamental interests of our two countries and two peoples. As the two major emerging economies, China and India should strengthen cooperation. practice in investment, production capacity and other fields, and broaden the cake of common interests, “he added, in his webinar with a youth delegation and some journalists.
The ambassador was answering a question about what could be done to improve ties between India and China. On Tuesday, government sources expanded India’s position by saying that India would deploy “appropriate resources” to defend its interests on the border even as it worked for a peaceful resolution of the dispute.
India also accused Chinese forces of crossing LAC “from time to time” and obstructing Indian border patrols.
In Beijing on Wednesday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said India and China had been following the important consensus reached by the top leaders, President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and were strictly observing the agreements. The spokesperson added that the two sides are able to adequately resolve the issues through dialogue and consultation.
Sun here also urged young people to call on all parties to make concrete efforts to implement the consensus reached by Modi and Xi and to improve mutual learning, understanding and trust. The ambassador also said that China will continue to provide Covid-related assistance to India within its capacity.
“China has timely shared its experiences in epidemic prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment with the Indian side in different ways, including conducting expert video conferences. China will continue to support India within its capabilities and strengthen our medical and health cooperation. “, said. .
As neighbors, friends and partners, China and India, he said, they should unite, strengthen cooperation and fight the epidemic together.
The ambassador stated that China had provided timely information to the world in an open, transparent and responsible manner. “We do not cover anything, and we do not delay any effort. Identifying the source of the virus is a serious and complex subject of science, which should be studied and explored by scientists and medical experts,” he said.

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