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Did Katrina Kaif always know of Alia Bhatt’s plan to marry Ranbir Kapoor? This throwback video seems to say it | Hindi Movie News


Alia Bhatt and boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor may be getting ready to walk the halls soon, but did you know this was the actress’ plan all along?

A flashback video from 2014 has been circulating online showing 21-year-old Alia sincerely revealing her master plan to marry Ranbir, whom she has always fallen in love with. Spilling the beans on Karan Johar’s chat show, the actress opened up about the first time she spoke to her boyfriend after seeing “Rockstar” and all the “junk” she ended up telling him about.

She went on to say that Ranbir was the kindest and simply said, “That is very nice, Alia.”

Although his first call did not go as well as he had hoped, he said they dated a couple of times and admitted, “I still think he is adorable and I still want to marry him.”

Shocked by her confession, Karan asked the beauty if Neetu Kapoor was aware of her plans, to which she simply said, “Oh God!”

When asked further and asked if Katrina Kaif (who was in a relationship with Ranbir) knew about her great plan, Alia shyly said, “Everyone knows my plan because I have recorded it and said so. I am very open about it, except for Ranbir, I’m not telling him. ”

“In front of Ranbir, I like ‘whatever’,” he said.

Laughing at Karan’s comment about “playing hard to get,” she dismissed it saying, “I don’t think Ranbir is trying to ‘catch me’ so I can play hard.”

Who would have thought that just a few years later the two of them would start dating and now they would be planning their wedding?

In addition to the buzz of the wedding, Alia and Ranbir have had fans patiently waiting for the release of their movie “Brahmastra”, which is currently slated for a release in December 2020.

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