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India Border conflict with China: India’s infra update in LAC makes China nervous | India News


NEW DELHI: With the tiger no longer crouching, and in fact increasingly able to jump out of the trenches, the dragon is obviously breathing fire. China has been nervous about India’s slow but steady improvement in border infrastructure for faster mobility of its troops and weapons systems in advanced areas in recent years.

India may still have a long way to go to match China’s border infrastructure, leaving only the stark asymmetry in terms of military strength and capabilities, but it is now increasingly challenging the dragon’s dominance in stretched road and air connectivity disputed high altitude along the 3,488-km Current Control Line (LAC) from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh. This has certainly irritated China. One of the triggers for the ongoing troop fighting in eastern Ladakh, for example, is the completion in India of the 255km Darbuk-Shyok-Daulat Beg Oldie (BOD) road last year and its new move to build some additional connecting link roads and bridges.


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The 37-bridge DSDBO Highway runs nearly parallel to LAC to provide easier access to the Depsang and Galwan Valley areas, while ending near the strategically important Karako Pass. It is linked in several places to troop bases and logistics in deep areas. “The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is upset that some of our roads now provide faster troop induction in the border regions of Ladakh. With better infrastructure on both sides, there will of course be more incidents of rival troops facing each other, ”said a senior officer. But the general situation throughout LAC is still far from adequate. Only 35 of the 73 “strategic” all-weather roads, with more east-west side links, as well as better access routes to strategic peaks and valleys, identified for construction nearly two decades ago, have been fully completed so far.

India Border conflict with China: India's infra update in LAC makes China nervous | India News

China Xi urges preparation for military combat amid the coronavirus epidemic

President Xi Jinping said Tuesday that China will increase its readiness for armed combat and improve its ability to carry out military tasks, as the coronavirus pandemic is having a profound impact on national security, state television reported. China’s performance in fighting the new coronavirus has demonstrated the success of military reform, Xi said.

“In the east of Arunachal, for example, most of the roads are about 20 to 70 km from LAC. Our patrols have to walk miles to physically dominate our claim lines. The EPL has no such problems, “he added. But India has certainly sent an unequivocal strategic signal to China by reviving and improving the old early landing grounds (ALGs) both in eastern Ladakh (Nyoma, DBO, and Fukche) and in Arunachal (Pasighat, Mechuka, Walong, Tuting, Along, and Ziro) during the last decade. The landings of C-17 Globemaster-III and C-130J “Super Hercules” aircraft on these makeshift airstrips allow India to move troops and equipment to

The “threatened areas” throughout LAC are now much faster.

The ALG at BOD, the world’s tallest such airstrip at an altitude of 16,614 feet, for example, overlooks the strategic Karakoram Pass and is only a few kilometers from LAC and the Chinese-occupied Aksai Chin region more there. China has assiduously built extensive military infrastructure in the Tibet Autonomous Region, which includes 14 air bases, an extensive rail network, and more than 58,000 km of roads. China is now also building underground perches and parking bays for its fighters by digging tunnels in the mountains at some of the air bases, as TOI previously reported.

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