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Blocking: a child’s failed attempt to wake up a dead mother leaves the internet, conscience shaken | India News


MUZAFFARPUR: A little boyThe vain attempt to wake his dead mother from eternal sleep on a railway platform in Muzaffarpur in Bihar on Wednesday presented the most poignant picture of the massive migratory tragedy unfolding in several states.
A video tweeted by Sanjay Yadav, an assistant to RJD Leader Tejashwi Yadav, shows the boy walking unsteadily towards his mother’s body, pulling the blanket placed over her and, unable to wake her, covering her head with it.

Blocking: a child's failed attempt to wake up a dead mother leaves the internet, conscience shaken | India News

While the mother was still motionless, he staggers away from her, announcements continue in the background about the arrival and departure of trains that would put tens of thousands of people in a hurry to escape hunger and the difficulties they face in the big cities. cities that couldn’t sustain them anymore.

Blocking: a child's failed attempt to wake up a dead mother leaves the internet, conscience shaken | India News

“This little boy does not know that the sheet he is playing with is the sheet of his mother who has fallen asleep forever. This mother died of hunger and thirst after being on a train for four days. Who is responsible for these deaths on trains? Shouldn’t the opposition ask awkward questions? “Yadav tweeted.
However, the police had a different story to tell.
Ramakant Upadhyay, Dy SP of the Government Railway Police in Muzaffarpur, said the incident occurred on May 25 when the migrant woman was on her way to Muzaffarpur from Ahmedabad on a special Shramik train.
He told reporters that the woman, who was accompanied by her sister and brother-in-law, had died on the train bound for Madhubani.
“My sister-in-law died suddenly on the train. We had no problem getting food or water,” the officer said, citing the brother-in-law of the deceased whom he did not name.
He said that when obtaining information, the police shot down the body and sent it for an autopsy.
Quoting the deceased’s brother-in-law, Upadhyay said he was 35 years old and was being treated for “some illness” for the past year in Ahmedabad. “She was also mentally unstable,” he said.
When asked persistently about the cause of death, he said, “Only doctors can find out.”
A massive exodus of migrant workers is taking place in various parts of the country, without an unprecedented magnitude since the Partition.
The ongoing humanitarian crisis on the roads and railway platforms has shed light on disturbing stories of entire families walking hundreds of kilometers with young children on foot in an apparently endless march to escape hunger.
People have been found traveling in trucks and in the hollow of concrete mixing plants, and in many cases dying of starvation and exhaustion before reaching their destinations.
In video: Tragic: migrant woman dies on railway platform, child plays beside the body

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