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Rahul Gandhi: The Center’s closure strategy has failed | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressman Rahul Gandhi said Tuesday that the four phases of the national shutdown have “failed” and have not yielded the results that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had hoped for when urging the Center to explain its strategy to “open” the country.

Addressing an online press conference, the congressional leader expressed concern that if the government operates randomly during the no-shutdown period, the country will face a second wave of coronaviruses that will be “extremely devastating.”

Gandhi also said that if the money is not delivered to the hands of the poor, small and medium industry, there could be “serious economic damage” in the country, since he sought to know the government’s plan to support migrants and various states in the Fight against the COVID19 pandemic. .

“We want to ask the government, what is their strategy when it comes to opening up India and what precautions are they going to take, how do they think and how are they going to support migrants and our states?” I ask.

It is clear that the objective and purpose of the blockade have failed even after 60 days and the disease is growing exponentially in the country, he said.

“What India is facing now is the result of a failed blockade. It is quite clear that the four stages of the blockade have not produced the result that the Prime Minister expected,” he said.

Gandhi noted that India is the only country in the world that is relaxing the blockade when the virus is “increasing exponentially.”

The former head of Congress said that although he is not an expert, “we need to open up planning and systematically and not ad-hoc.”

He said that the country’s economy needs to be restored and this must be done by injecting money into the hands of the poor and small and medium-sized companies.

“The central government must infuse cash into the hands of the people and it will be fatal if they don’t,” he said.

He will warn that a dangerous situation will arise if financial support is not provided to people and the industry.

Gandhi also called for financial support from states, saying it will be difficult for states to function without central aid.

Gandhi also asked the central government to be transparent about what is happening in Ladakh and Nepal.

“We want the central government to make it clear to the people what is happening on the border with China,” he said.

When asked about the growing number of Covid-19 cases in Maharashtra, where Congress is a partner in government, Gandhi said there is a difference between running the government and supporting a government.

“We are supporting the Maharashtra government, but we are not in the key decision-making role in Maharashtra,” he said, adding that Maharashtra requires full support from the central government as the state is waging a very difficult battle.

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