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India News Maldives: ICO faces resistance as Maldives says no to action against India | India News


NEW DELHI: India’s strategically located neighbor to the Indian Ocean, Maldives, has come to your rescue before an increasingly hostile ICO.
Malé told the ICO in a speech this week that targeting India for Islamophobia would not only be wrong but would also be detrimental to religious harmony in South Asia.
Malé further stated that he was not going to support any OIC action pointing to India.
For India, the statement coming out of the OCI member state is very reassuring at a time when the organization, which describes itself as the collective voice of the Muslim world, has intensified attacks on India not just because of developments in J&K but also for alleged discrimination against Muslims.
Maldives permanent representative in New York Thilmeeza Hussain said that while her country strongly opposed Islamophobia, xenophobia or any form of violence to promote a political or other agenda, she also believed that attacking a specific country It would be like avoiding the real problem.
“From this point of view, let me say that pointing to India, the world’s largest democracy and a multicultural society and home to over 200 million Muslims, claiming that Islamophobia would be really wrong. It would be detrimental to religious harmony in the South Asia, “said the official, adding that Islam had existed in India for centuries and that it was the second largest religion in India, representing 14.2% of the country’s population.
The chief diplomat, who is also the Maldivian ambassador to the United States, further said that “isolated statements by motivated people and disinformation campaigns” on social media should not be interpreted as representative of the sentiments of 1.3 billion.
“Therefore, the Maldives cannot support any action within the ICO that points to or targets India,” added Hussain.
This was even when he recognized that the world had seen an alarming increase in the culture of hatred, prejudice and racism and that violence had been exploited as a tool to promote ideologies and political and other agendas.
Despite India’s growing ties to the Gulf countries, the 57-member ICO as a whole has remained extremely critical of India on issues related to J&K and what it called a cruel campaign to malign Muslims for the Covid-19 spread in the country. India responded by describing the comments as not only deeply regrettable, but also incorrect and misleading.
Earlier this week, due to changes in J&K residency certificate rules, the OIC human rights commission rejected India’s “illegal actions” that it alleges were intended to alter demographic status. from the territory of the union and violate the resolutions of the UNSC and the OIC.
In a statement that Pakistan issued quickly on Wednesday, the OIC also called on the international community to “intensify” efforts to resolve the J&K problem in accordance with UNSC resolutions and according to the aspirations of the people of Kashmir.

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