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Flying in times of pandemic | HT Editorial – Editorials


After 60 days, India will fly again today. While there have been special flights to bring the stranded Indians back, regular domestic flight operations have remained suspended since the national shutdown was imposed since March 25. There was a solid logic: travel could lead to the spread of the disease. But the flight suspension caused devastating economic losses for the aviation industry and inconvenience for millions of people who had to cancel their travel plans. With the government slowly easing restrictions, including the resumption of limited passenger train services, the resumption of domestic flights is the next logical step.

But it is crucial to remember that cases in India are increasing rapidly. This means that there is no room for complacency. Fly only if essential; Follow the regulations carefully, wearing masks, keeping distance and following respiratory hygiene. There has been a debate between the Center and the states about the quarantine of passengers once they land, with the Center on Sunday allowing states to frame their own guidelines. But it has also issued general guidelines: self-monitoring for asymptomatic passengers, home isolation for those with mild symptoms, and institutional quarantine for those with moderate to severe symptoms. This is a reasonable case-by-case approach, as mandatory quarantine for all passengers is impractical and difficult to enforce. But it is important that citizens behave with the greatest responsibility, for themselves and for the good of others, and authorities ensure that regulations are carefully implemented. Flying safe has taken on new meaning in times of coronavirus disease.

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