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Andhra Pradesh: Survey on misappropriation of funds in housing project | Amaravati News


AMARAVATI: The state government it has ordered an investigation into allegations of embezzlement to buy land for home distribution to the poor.
The government asked district collectors to investigate complaints about the land acquisition process and send a report.

Andhra Pradesh: Survey on misappropriation of funds in housing project | Amaravati News

YSR’s ruling Congress legislators had filed complaints about large-scale irregularities in their constituencies about the land acquisition process. The opposition TDP is likely to move to the higher court on the issue. The government had already spent close to Rs. Rs 4.5 billion to acquire almost 2,000 acres of land for private homes.
When many district collectors told the government that adequate land was not available in their districts to grant land, the government had saved additional funds from the program with a directive to continue the acquisition of land.
The government had wanted to distribute around 27 lakh house sites to the poor during Ugadi in March.
Critics allege that revenue officers resorted to irregularities in the land acquisition process. One such instance was brought to light by Ponnur legislator Kilari Rosaiah. Rosaiah asked district collector Samuel Anand Kumar to take action, alleging that field officials looted nearly Rs 80 million during the land acquisition.
Since the district collector did not respond to the problem, Rosaiah wrote to the government asking the chief secretary, V Usha Rani, to order the collector to file a report. “Officials paid nearly four times higher prices after reaching deals with intermediaries,” Rosaiah said.
Former TDP MLA Alapati Rajendraprasad alleged that Rs 150 crore was misappropriated in the Tenali constituency for land acquisition.
A farmer from the village of Burugapudi in the West Godavari district filed a PIL in the High Court alleging that 177 acres of flood-prone land were purchased paying Rs 43 to Rs 63 lakh per acre against a market price of Rs 5-7 lakh per acre. The higher court suspended payments to the owners in the case.

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