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Priyanka Gandhi: UP government imprisons those who help migrant workers | India News

LUCKNOW: A day after the BJP-led Uttar Pradesh government clash with Congress over the latter’s offer to provide 1,000 buses for migrants, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra claimed that those trying to help stranded workers are being jailed and called on the party workers to continue the fight.
The head of the Uttar Pradesh Congress was arrested twice on Wednesday, first in Agra for sitting in a dharna to protest against the UP government that does not grant permission to allow organized buses for migrants to enter the state.
He was released on bail by an Agra court and released, before being arrested again by a Lucknow police team in a second case brought here in connection with Congress’ clash with the state government.
“Have you seen the Yogi government’s (Adityanath) method of fighting the coronavirus epidemic? When Congress arranged buses for migrant workers, the Yogi government sent the president of the Uttar Pradesh Congress to jail in one case false, “Priyanka Gandhi, the party’s general secretary, said in a message.
Gandhi said: “The whole nation is united to fight the epidemic, but the UP government is putting those who make bus arrangements, train tickets, food and ration for the workers in jail.”
Referring to the 30th anniversary of his father’s death, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi said: “Rajiv ji gave his life for the country. He loved Hindustan and its people. He could not see their pain. We have learned from him to help the weak. ”
Priyanka called on some 50,000 state congressional workers to speak out to workers through “Facebook live” on Thursday against “oppression,” as that would be the “appropriate tribute to Rajiv Gandhi.”

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