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The government is not sure about the closure criteria, it has no exit strategy: Sonia Gandhi in the opposition is | India News


NEW DELHI: Accusing the BJP government of being “uncertain” about the criteria for blockades in the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic, President of Congress Sonia Gandhi said on Friday that the government has no strategy output.

Sonia Gandhi was on her way to a meeting of opposition parties called to discuss the plight of migrants due to the closure and dilution of labor laws in some states.

Attacking the government, the head of Congress said immigrants and 13 crore families in the bottom half of the population have been cruelly ignored.

“The great 20 rupee lakh rupee package has turned out to be a cruel joke in the country,” he said.

Saying that the government has embarked on a savage adventure of so-called reforms that include the UPM liquidation sale and the repeal of labor laws, he said there are no claims to consult with stakeholders or any debate in Parliament. .

“We regret these unilateral moves by the government,” said the president of Congress.

Furthermore, he accused the Modi government of having forgotten the “spirit of federalism” and said there is no indication of whether Parliament or standing committees will be called to meet.

The meeting via videoconference was attended by leaders of various opposition parties.

The opposition has been criticizing the Modi government for its handling of the migration crisis in the country.

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