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Sonic Boom in Bangalore: an earthquake, a plane, or thunder, what did Bangalore hear? The | Bangalore News | Bengaluru News


BENGALURU: An Indian Air Force (IAF) fighter jet, which was on a routine departure, triggered many theories in Bangalore after a loud noise caused it to travel at a speed faster than that of sound. Sources told TOI that SU-30 fighters are most likely being tested by IAFThe pilots of the Aircraft and Systems Test Establishment (ASTE) for a few days.
The sound, which created panic messages on social media platforms, was heard on Marathahalli, Whitefield, HSR Layout, Koramangala and CV Raman Nagar and Ulsoor, all in close proximity to the HAL airport.
The theories being discussed, from an earthquake to a quarry explosion to thunder, were largely due to the delay in confirmation by the Indian Air Force, whose pilots at the Systems Testing Establishment and city-based Aircraft (ASTE) have been testing the planes.
Many parts of Bangalore had heard loud noise around 1.25pm ​​on Wednesday, and the nature of the sound, as described by people, was like thunder or a really fast fighter jet. There are two agencies in Bangalore that could be testing fighter jets on any given day: Defense PSU Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and ASTE.
With the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Management Center (KSNDMC) ruling out an earthquake just minutes after the event, the theory that a fighter jet went supersonic (exceeding the speed of sound), with panic messages and posts on social networks of dozens of Bengalureans.
HAL quickly responded that it was not his plane that was involved in a supersonic air trial, but the IAF did not respond or issue a statement. HAL’s denial did not kill the fighter jet theory with experts and the curious hoi polloi, making it a moot point.
At dusk, the IAF training command released a statement through the defense ministry that said “No Training Command aircraft were flying in the area. However, ASTE and HAL could have embarked on their routine test flight, which sometimes requires being supersonic. These are performed well beyond the city limits in specific sectors. Given the weather conditions and reduced noise levels in the city during these times, the sound of the aircraft can become clearly audible even if it occurs outside the city. ”
While this message inferred that a fighter jet actually caused the noise, the official confirmation remained elusive.
Aerial tests include testing a flight for supersonic speed. A retired IAF pilot explained: “There are parameters on how to do a supersonic test. If it is, in fact, from an airplane, then it is a mistake. Pilots can become supersonic only after the plane has reached a height of more than 11 km. They are not allowed to do it in populated areas even at this point. ”
And finally, at 9:35 pm, the Ministry of Defense released another statement saying: “It was a routine IAF test flight that involved a supersonic profile that took off from Bangalore airport and flew into assigned airspace outside of the city ​​limits. The plane was from ASTE. ”
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