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Maanayata Dutt: I wish we were together as a family and we didn’t live in different countries | Hindi Movie News


Maanayata Dutt, who is currently in Dubai with her children due to the confinement, had an exclusive interaction with ETimes recently where she was sincere for not being with her husband Sanjay Dutt and the family in these difficult times of COVID-19.

Here are excerpts from the interview:

Can you tell us how Shahraan and Iqra are kept active amid the closure?

My two children were very active and participated in all kinds of outdoor activities at school or in life. They are both athletes and have won medals at school. Shahraan and Iqra enjoy sports, running, swimming, including soccer and Taekwando
sometimes he even used to accompany me in my training sessions doing warm-up exercises.

Then the blocking impositions began, they got a little restless but now they have got used to it. I enjoy knitting, so Ira helps me with that … all three of us do basic daily workout routines, sometimes we even take dance sessions to keep him fun and engaging, and we also try to do some mediation. Nights are reserved for some card games every day (laughs). But otherwise, they help me with daily chores and help around the house and never shy away from any kind of work. Currently, they are also doing online classes as well as online yoga as they cannot do any other classes.

How do you monitor children’s eating habits at home? Is there a specific diet I am following during the crash?

I have always made sure that my family has a balanced diet, even at regular times. I never take no as an answer from my children for milk, protein intake, fruits as a meal of the day, etc. They know how it is essential and part of their lifestyle. Similarly, a large amount of protein (a protein shake for me) is always part of our food on a daily basis. I maintain a schedule in which I let them eat and have their cheating days, mainly the weekend in which my children enjoy some chocolates and fries. Eggs are something both of you enjoy and have now become a necessity in your meals. Since I am home, I cook for them every day. They are fine (with that) and are not complaining about missing their weekend dinners.

Since children can feel restless when they are confined, what steps are you taking to keep them involved?

The first few days were a little crazy and they were irritated by the sudden impositions, but they are very understanding. The best part is that they have online video classes for 5-6 hours a day as part of their school curriculum. I always carry a stock of children who read books when I travel. We were in the UAE when the blockade was imposed, so fortunately the books have also helped. And since Sanjay is back home (in Mumbai), the children often call him on video and are entertained. The boys, Sanjay and Shahraan, continue their normal masti and keep busy.

What has been the most difficult part of caring for children in this setting and how have you been dealing with it?

I just wish we were together as a family and not live in different countries. Things would definitely have been easy and blocking would not have seemed like a chore as this would have been the perfect time for Sanjay to spend time with the children. So this is something I regret a little bit. The closure was sudden and unexpected, so being away from home feels bad, but in the end, we made the most of it.

What are you doing to control your physical and mental health?

I used to enjoy gym workouts more in my routine life. Now that we are inside, I try to switch between Yoga – Meditation, some light exercise sessions for the abdomen and thighs. I change physical work alternately to make sure there is no monotony in my routines.

But honestly, housework has increased a lot now; that in itself is a bit of exercise.

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