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Coronavirus Cases in India Cross 1 Lakh Mark, More Than 3,000 Dead | India News


NEW DELHI: One hundred and nine days after the first person tested positive for Covid-19 in India, the country’s case count crossed the 1-lakh mark on Monday, and the number of infections doubled in just over 12 days.
Both the spread of the virus and the outbreak in cases in recent days will be of concern to authorities. On Monday, 4,713 new infections were reported across the country, the third highest in a single day so far, led again by Maharashtra, which reported more than 2,000 cases (2,033 to be exact) for the second consecutive day. Up to 24 states / UT reported new cases during the day.
On the positive side, the number of people recovering from the infection is constantly increasing. On Monday it was 38,908, with a recovery rate of 38.8%. With 3,103 deaths from the virus so far, India’s death rate is also relatively low, at 3.1%.

Coronavirus Cases in India Cross 1 Lakh Mark, More Than 3,000 Dead | India News

However, as the country entered phase 4 of the blockade, the number of daily cases continued to increase, indicating that the infection was still at its peak. On Monday, apart from Maharashtra, the number of new cases remained high in Tamil Nadu (536), Gujarat (366), Delhi (299, a slight drop from the previous days), Madhya Pradesh (254), Uttar Pradesh ( 177) and Bihar (103).
Rajasthan and Karnataka recorded their highest increase in infections in a single day, with 305 and 99 cases, respectively. West Bengal (148) and J&K (106) were also close to their highest numbers.
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At 131 deaths from the virus on Monday, the number stayed above 100 for the fourth consecutive day. Maharashtra recorded the 51 highest deaths, including 23 from Mumbai, while Gujarat reported 35 deaths, a majority (31) from Ahmedabad alone. The figure was 12 in Delhi, where the death rate is now slowly increasing after staying low for a long time.
Among Indian cities, Mumbai has recorded the highest number of Covid-related deaths at 757, while the Ahmedabad district is second with 524. In terms of death rates, Gujarat’s financial capital has twice the rate than the Maximum City. Compared to the Mumbai rate of 3.64%, Ahmedabad recorded 6.22%. In the month of May, the rate dropped in Mumbai but increased to 6.95% in Ahmedabad.
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In terms of cases, Maharashtra reported 2,033, the second highest count in one day. The state’s count hit 35,086, with Mumbai reporting more than 1,000 cases for the second consecutive day (1,185) to break the 21,000 mark. The city now has 21,335 cases.
Meanwhile, five doctors and 55 police officers were among 106 who tested positive for the virus at J&K. Four of these doctors had treated a Covid-positive woman who died of comorbidities on Sunday.
Tamil Nadu reported three deaths and 536 recent cases of Covid-19 on Monday, and the people who returned from Maharashtra were the only ones who tested positive in many districts. The testing strategy continued to be a topic of debate with the ICMR releasing new guidelines and the state ready to finalize its own on Tuesday. The state has come under fire for reducing the number of tests in the past week by epidemiologists, doctors, and political leaders.
In Uttar Pradesh, as many as 177 new cases, including 31 in Gautam Budh Nagar, brought the state’s Covid account to 4,649. The state also recorded six deaths, including two migrant workers. UP’s crown toll is now 118.

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